June, 2010

GeneaBlogie Grand Genealogy Journey – Day 1: Sacramento

Sacramento has often been overlooked by visitors to Northern California; the same visitors are frequently mesmerized by the city some 90 miles away called San Francisco. Dissing Sacramento used to be a favorite pastime of the cognoscenti.   “It’s too hot!”  “It’s too dry!”  “It’s too flat!”  “It’s got no culture!” Even the California Supreme Court refuses to have its …Continue reading →

The Grand Genealogy Journey 2010 (Virtual Edition) Starts Anew

Believe it or don’t, but it’s been three years since the Big Train Trip.  I’m really ready to go again, but circumstances currently won’t allow that.  So we started to lay out our virtual genealogical dream trip traveling via Amtrak and other conveyances.  We ran into a set of difficulties soon after the beginning of the trip.  As a result, …Continue reading →

Technical Difficulties Delay GeneaBlogie

You don’t even want to know what a nightmare the past few days have been from a technical standpoint here in the Bloggcast Center!  Suffice it to say, mind your php’s and your sql’s!  We hope to back to operational status in about 24 hours.

So Whatever Happened to the Grand Genealogy Journey?

We started on our Grand Genealogy [virtual] Journey several weeks ago.  It was to take us from Sacramento to Georgia and back.   We made it as far as Nevada. What happened? 1.  Life Itself (75%) 2.  Technical Difficulties (software issues) (13%) 3.   SCGS Jamboree (12%) So what now?  Well, the Journey returns this weekend, starting from the beginning and going …Continue reading →

Whirlwind . . . Week

This post was originally commenced last Tuesday evening and was entitled Whilrwind Wednesday, and intended for publication on Wednesday, June 16.  But it turned out to be a much more hectic week than I ever could have imagined and I couldn’t get back to this until just now! And by now, everybody with a computer has written about the SoCal …Continue reading →

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