September, 2010

Grand Genealogy Journey: Kansas City–Happy Birthday, Aunt Dee!

Fittingly we are in Kansas City on our Grand Genealogy Journey on the 70th birthday of Delorise Gines, Geneablogie’s original muse! Seems like just yesterday we were actually in KC celebrating your 50th! Hope you had a great day Aunt Dee!


Grand Genealogy Journey: My Kansas City Families

The Gines Family My closest relatives in Kansas City would be in the Gines family, descendants 0f Richard and Sylvia Gines of Shreveport, Louisiana, (who, as far as anyone knows, never set foot in Kansas City).  Two of Richard and Sylvia’s  sons, William Edward Gines (1898-1955) and Henry William Gines (1903-1980) left Shreveport in 1920 and headed for Kansas City.  …Continue reading →


Grand Genealogy Journey: The Research-Rich Environment of Kansas City

The Kansas City multi-county, bi-state metropolis is a genealogist’s and historian’s gold mine. First (and these are in no particular order)  is the recently relocated site for the National Archives at Kansas City. It’s in the dynamic Union Station District of the city at 400 West Pershing Road.  The Archives is now featuring an exhibit in Kansas City on the …Continue reading →


Ancestry + Footnote: Update

“Credit Where Credit is Due” That’s one of our mottos around here.  In our last post, we failed to include Tamura Jones’ substantive article on the acquisition.  Tamura was the first to break the news via Twitter.  His insightful article is at


Grand Genealogy Journey: to Acquire

That rumbling out of the western mountains: the Earth shifting on its axis again as the genea-sphere reverberates from learning that is acquiring!  The announcement made today may be a game-changer in the competition for the online family history customer. I’ve always liked, and once in  awhile I wistfully have thought that these two  friends of mine, …Continue reading →


Grand Genealogy Journey: Rock My World!

We’re in Kansas City on our Grand Genealogy Jour. . .  Wait a minute! Did you feel that?! It was as if the Earth moved . . . but what the . . . .rumbling sounds coming from the west . . .in fact, my friends at the U.S. Geological Survey say the movement is centered in  the Wasatch range! …Continue reading →


Grand Genealogy Journey: You Could be a Winner!

We’re in Kansas City on our virtual tour—but today we take a brief timeout for a special announcement:  You Can Be a Winner On the Journey! For real! The California Family History Expo will held in Pleasanton, California, October 8-9, 2010.  The California Genealogical Society is the local sponsor.  I’ll be blogging live from the event and I’ll also be …Continue reading →


Grand Genealogical Journey: Kansas City, Here I Come!

We’ve had a great trip aboard the California Zephyr from Sacramento to Denver.  But in Denver, we part ways with the train, which goes on to Chicago, bypassing our next destination, Kansas City. The quickest way to get to Kansas City from Denver is by air — a one-hour flight for about $149 on all the major carriers except US …Continue reading →


A Very Quiet Blogaversary

This week marks six years since Geneablogie went online.  It was an inauspicious start; I had no idea what I was doing or what I really wanted to do.  I just let it flow.  Then after a few years it became very good (or least fairly good).  That was a great feeling! There were actually readers and subscribers and commenters.  …Continue reading →

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