Grand Genealogy Journey: to Acquire

That rumbling out of the western mountains: the Earth shifting on its axis again as the genea-sphere reverberates from learning that is acquiring!  The announcement made today may be a game-changer in the competition for the online family history customer.

I’ve always liked, and once in  awhile I wistfully have thought that these two  friends of mine, Ancestry and Footnote,  ought to get together.  They are quite different; she’s a bit more worldly than he is, but they’ll go together just fine!

I like the range of records contained on; I like the way they are presented.  I think it’s a great place for historical documents that give context to the events they record and describe. Especially compelling are Footnote’s annotation features, the ability to link documents, and the Person pages.  I’ve enjoyed creating annotations and editing Person Pages (I did a couple of my elementary school teachers).

I haven’t looked too deeply into their pre-nup,  but it could be a match made in online genealogical Heaven!

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  • “…Strangely interesting post-post-modern illustration of the new relationship…” You crack me up, Craig! I had nothing useful to say, but at least I found a cool graphic, right? 😉

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