December, 2010

I Never Knew . . . .

As a kid growing up, I knew very few of my cousins.  In fact, I can recall meeting just three of them, all on my mother’s side, before I turned eighteen years old.  This was a consequence of the fact that our military family lived in places far away from where my parents grew up.  I used to wonder sometimes …Continue reading →


A Christmas Miracle!?

A Star Appears Again Once upon a time, not that long ago, but in a place far far away, there twinkled a star called “Cow Hampshire.”  Guided by a benevolent monarch named Janice, Cow Hampshire was a place of wit, wisdom, mirth, and joy. One day, however, the Cow star seemed to have burned out and fallen from the sky. …Continue reading →


Blog Caroling 2010

A few years ago, the footnoteMaven began the tradition of  “blog caroling.” It’s a key part of the geneablogosphere’s holiday season.  GeneaBlogie this year presents three blog “carols.” Light One Candle This Peter, Paul and Mary piece is a secular bit which has become popular for Chanuka and other festivals. Light one candle for the Maccabee children Give thanks that …Continue reading →


The Most Important Day of My Life: December 7, 1941

From our All History is Personal Dept.: I have said this before, but it cannot be said too often: All History is Personal.  Thus, I am able to identify December 7, 1941, as the most important day in my life, although on the calendar it occurred thirteen years before I was born.  The events of that day happened to me! …Continue reading →


Kudos: Michael Hait

Our motto here at GeneaBlogie is Learn, Share, Enjoy, Appreciate! And we also say give credit where credit is due. So at the head of this year’s honors list for achievement in the field of genealogical writing, we recognize Michael Hait. Michael writes for as the national African-American Genealogical Examiner.  His highly readable posts are rich in information.  There …Continue reading →


The Greatest Carnival of Genealogy Ever!

It’s now posted in four parts at Creative Gene.  Congratulations to Jasia, Queen of the Carnival, and the entire community for making the 100th edition of the Carnival the biggest yet with 107 posts! Go read some 0f it right now! And, yes, GeneaBlogie will make more Carnival appearances in 2011!


The Carnival of Genealogy: Century Edition

It was that moment in the family reunion when all the food is packed away, the tables are clean, and things have grown quiet.  And Cousin Jonathan said “Uncle Craig, tell us a story of the old days in the geneablogosphere!” Though it was August, the old man drew his shawl closer and said, “Well, you don’t want to hear …Continue reading →

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