A Christmas Miracle!?

A Star Appears Again

Once upon a time, not that long ago, but in a place far far away, there twinkled a star called “Cow Hampshire.”  Guided by a benevolent monarch named Janice, Cow Hampshire was a place of wit, wisdom, mirth, and joy. One day, however, the Cow star seemed to have burned out and fallen from the sky. There was much panic, fear, and trepidation at this unseemly occurrence. Many could not imagine a blogaverse without Cow Hampshire. And try as they might, {and they did try] no one seemed to be able to understand what happened to the Cow Star.

Life went on in the way that it will, but was not the same. Then late last night, unheralded, Cow Hampshire appeared again, shining as brightly in the blogaverse as it ever had! Not just once but a second time in 24 hours, did Cow Hampshire appeared.  The people are wondering, is this just a one time Christmas miracle, or is the Cow star back to re-claim its place  in the firmament?  Or is Cow Hampshire like a comet that comes around every half- century. Whichever it is, we are grateful.  Merry Christmas, Janice Brown!


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3 Responses to “A Christmas Miracle!?”

  • Janice Brown says:


    Thank you for making me laugh out loud. I am hoping to stay in the blogiverse, just will be wandering in and out as I move in the next month. I’m also on FaceBook, recently joined. A horrific mistake though. When do people have time to do anything else but read. I’m afraid to add more friends honesty! (laughs).

    I am leaving a Christmas Box verse for you….

    A Christmas miracle, it is not
    for Cows are common creatures
    Even if Craig’s pen did jot
    as Geneablogie headline features

    Bring more wood, and set the glasses;
    Join, my friends, our christmas cheer;
    Come, a catch! — and kiss the lasses–
    Christmas comes but once a year.

    [the last four lines from a NH newspaper published 7 January 1804]

    Merry Christmas Craig!

  • I saw that star shining brightly in my Google Reader and was so pleased! I’m hoping we’ll find out if the star is ok and will stay around to light the blogiverse!

  • Thanks so much for the heads up, Craig!

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