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What’s coming up on this blog?

It goes without saying that here at GeneaBlogie, we regard the passing of 2010 with the attitude, “good riddance!” It was certainly not one of our better years.  But as the great Satchel Paige said, “Don’t look back, [it] may be gaining on you.”  So we look forward the to what’s coming up in this space.

First, 2011 represents the 50th year since my family moved to Albuquerque.  To put this in perspective, at the time New Mexico had not yet celebrated its 50th birthday as a State [New Mexico is the 47th State, admitted to the union on January 12, 1912].  The time that we lived in Albuquerque was a tremendous significance to our family’s history.  We lived on the southeast outskirts of the city at Sandia Base, which I have described in previous posts as the “ultimate gated community.” Our very presence there had been set in motion by historical events occurring many many years before, one being the Civil War.  How the Civil War had anything to do with our living on the nation’s principal nuclear weapons installation is a story that will be told.

Second, speaking of the Civil War, 2011 is the sesquicentennial of the start of the shooting part of the Civil War.  There are stories to be told about the war obviously in how it affected my ancestors.

Third, we’ll be writing about what I call “The Gines Diaspora.”   These posts will be my research in advance of my maternal Gines family reunion to be held in July.  If you look on the  left hand column you will see a page called “The Gines Diaspora,” but if you go there, you will for a but cautioned that the information is outdated.  I will be updating that information between now and July and reporting on it in the blog.

Fourth, the Grand Genealogy Journey will continue, although in somewhat of a nonlinear fashion.

Fifth, we will discuss some legal concepts that may be important to genealogists that we’ve yet to touch on in this space.

Those are our priorities, not necessarily in that order.  Loyal and Constant Readers (and I thank all three of you of your support through 2010!) know that we usually do a lot of other things here, and we’ll try to get back to some of that stuff in 2011.

So, no resolutions, no promises, but as always, a commitment to Learn, Share, Enjoy and Appreciate!


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