. . . Everything Must Change

The title of this post can be taken as an imperative or an observation. It’s true either way. Things will change at Nature’s caprice or by one’s own volition. Most often, however, change is the result of volition compelled by nature or Nature reacting to volition.

That’s why GeneaBlogie is changing!

Without belaboring the point, let’s face two facts:

  1. GeneaBlogie hit its zenith in 2009, being named one of the top 25 blogs by ProGenealogists and a strong nominee for Family Tree Magazine’s top 40.
  2. GeneaBlogie  stalled out beginning in January 2010, falling off nearly every radar screen.

As every pilot knows, many aerodynamic stalls are the result of an angle of attack that is too high (nose-up attitude), causing the wing to lose lift. If not properly handled, a stall can result in a spin or an uncontrolled free fall.  Pilots recognize that, with the proper response, most modern airplanes can literally fly themselves out of the ordinary aerodynamic stall.

But the pilot has to do something other than just continue to yank the yoke back to resume straight and level flight.

So that’s what is happening here in a way.

We don’t  use external metrics around here that much, really.  But we know when we’ve fallen below our own standards–that’s what bugs us the most.

Change is inevitable. GeneaBlogie has constantly changed throughout the last 6-1/2 years.  So, to you remaining two LCRs (Loyal & Constant Readers), this won’t be worrisome.  To those who have left, come on back, because . . . [see next post]


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