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This morning, I awakened to things usual and brand-new! The usual thing was that my mother-in-law, aged 90, was up and watching Mother Angelica on EWTN [Eternal Word Television Network; Comcast channel 233 in the Greater Sacramento area]. (My mother-in-law’s family has been Catholic since at least 1722; which I believe is about when  Mother Angelica commenced her television ministry!) The unusual thing was that a new blog appeared in my reader!

The Catholic Gene has gone live on wordpress.com! The brainchild of the well-grounded Donna Pointkouski, it’s a blog  “dedicated to the faith of our fathers and mothers…and their ancestors.  This blog will feature articles by a diverse group of authors who share a strong Catholic identity and a love for genealogy. Join us as we share about genealogy, the Catholic faith, and anything in which those two worlds intersect.”

The Catholic Gene features some of the most well-regarded writers in the geneablogosphere: Donna, of course, of What’s Past is Prologue;  Jasia, the multi-talented writer and photographer who publishes Creative Gene and is the Queen of the Carnival; Denise Levenick, the fabulous Family Curator and Shades The Magazine’s Penelope Dreadful; Lisa of the Smallest Leaf, our exemplary expositor of Eire (and more! ); the incomparable Steve Danko; the esteemable Lisa A. Alzo; prolific author Cecile Wendt Jensen, of the Wolverine State; the most Educated Genealogist I know (and the one who’ll keep us on the path to salvation [or not] with her Get Out of Hell Free cards), Sheri Fenley.

And somehow, this great group asked moi to join!  Thank you!

The first post is up now at The Catholic Gene; and tomorrow (Sunday, September 4, 2011) a special treat: The Carnival of Genealogy will be hosted at The Catholic Gene! The topic is “Ancestors’ Places of Worship.”

Update: One member of our group not mentioned above is the extraordinary footMaven, our favorite Lutheran and honorary Catholic [we’ll forgive that stuff back in the 16th & 17th Centuries]. She and her family could use some good old fashion prayer right now, so please remember them.


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