Specialist Leslie H Sabo, U.S. Army: Hero Is Finally Recognized

MOH Winner Les Sabo


Four years ago, GeneaBlogie called attention to Specialist Leslie H. Sabo, United States Army, whose heroism in Vietnam resulted in a recommendation for award of the Medal of Honor.  See An American Hero: Sgt Leslie H. Sabo, Jr. The posthumous recommendation for the nation’s highest award for valor in battle was lost for 29 years. After it was finally discovered, it was another eight years before Congress in 2007 authorized the award of the Medal to Sabo, who was promoted to  sergeant posthumously. Special legislation was required in this case (as well as the others we highlighted) because there is usually a three-year statute of limitations for the award of the Medal. For some reason not clear to me, it was another 4 1/2 years until the Government actually made the award.

Our post on Sgt Sabo was one of a series on American heroes who had been overlooked for the award of the Medal of Honor. It attracted by far the most commentary of the series.

I’m pleased to report that on May 16, 2012, the President of the United States presented the award to Rose Sabo-Brown, the widow of Sgt Les Sabo. The next day, the Secretary of Defense and the Secretary of the Army inducted Sgt Sabo into the Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes. For our original posts on Les Sabo, see here and here. And here is the link to the text of the citation to accompany the award of the Medal of Honor.

President Presents MOH to Sabo's widow


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