November is National Black Catholic History Month in the USA

And so it is.   I will be posting relevant matter here and over at The Catholic Gene.  These won’t be the same;  each site will have a different post.

Black Catholics make up just 3% of the Catholic population in the United States. So why a Black Catholic History Month? Because Black Catholics make up just 3% of the Catholic population of the United States. Few African-Americans, and even fewer other Catholics have an understanding of the history of black Catholics in America.

There are several prevalent assumptions about African-Americans and religion. First, many people presume that we are all Baptists.  Second, people think that we are all recent converts, that there are no “cradle Catholics” among blacks.

The facts reveal  very vibrant black Catholic communities across the nation, which in some cases have existed for generations prior to the Civil War.  Though often overlooked by demographers and sometimes  by clergy and liturgists, African-Americans have played crucial roles in the propagation of the faith in America.

During November, we’ll explore the persons and communities of black Catholics in America–here at GeneaBlogie and at The Catholic Gene.




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  • The Basilica of St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception is an African-American located in Norfolk, VA. The church was founded in 1792, erected in 1858, made a minor basilica in 1991.
    Please visit our website and/or contact us by email provided.

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