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“An occasional journal chronicling the author’s adventures in genealogy and his explorations of his American family of families.”

I have the archetypal American background, being descended from both slaves and slaveowners; from Native Americans and prominent (read English and French) and not-so-prominent (Scots-Irish) seventeenth century immigrant families. What does that mean for me in the world today? I’m sorting that out.

I have learned much about history, geography, sociology, economics, and other issues as I’ve gone on this journey.  Along the way, I’ve also picked up a few technical skills, interacted with a lot of folks, found previously unknown cousins, and made some friends.

GeneaBlogie consists of genealogy news, tips, stories, some tech stuff, reviews of genealogical media of all sorts, and of course, my personal observations on my research.

We have an informal motto here: “Learn, Share, Enjoy, Appreciate.”  I hope you’ll be able to do a bit of each as you read this blog.

About me, Craig Manson:  I’m a law and public policy specialist currently employed as general counsel to a public agency in California. Previously, I was professor of law and public policy at a California law school.  Over the last forty years, I’ve been a Top Forty DJ at a couple of  radio stations, both AM & FM; a broadcast journalist; a cable television sportscaster; a radio sportscaster; a newspaper stringer; a lobbyist in a state legislature; a military officer, a college professor, a lawyer, a judge, and have served at the highest levels of both state and federal government. And then there was the time I got picked off first base for the third out in the ninth inning of the only professional baseball game I’d ever played in . . . .

I enjoy music of all sorts, but as for popular music, don’t bother me with much after 1985.  Law, reading, fishing, public policy, and international affairs are my non-genealogical pastimes–not necessarily in that order.

Contact Me: craig@geneablogie.com

5 Responses to “About GeneaBlogie”

  • Jaya Saxena says:

    I’m looking for more information on Herman Walker for a historic cookbook I am writing, that includes Ye Olde College Inn. I’d love to speak with you about him!

  • Je4ssie L. Sherrod, M.D. says:

    I am so impressed with the information shared on your site.
    Looking for the history of black women physicians of the west (west of Mississippi).

    I am also interested in Henderson Sherrod’s origin-born 1820 in Virginia. And his wife, Gracy Lyles born 1840 in South Carolina. Would like to find their families and plantation.

  • Looking for Guadalupe Trejo, lived in Hereford, Texas, born April 29, 1953 in Lubbock, Texas, to Simon Trejo and Ermlinda Martinez Trejo.
    Need his school records for a Delayed Birth Certificate.

  • Annette Crosby-Wright says:

    I am a descendent of the Crosby (Gaines-Long) family. I can hardly believe the information that I discovered on your other site. I left a detailed comment in hopes of hearing from you. My father’s name is Frank Albert Crosby, Jr., born in Monroe, Michigan, his father’s name was Frank Crosby, Sr. born I believe in Buxton, Ontaria Canada. Frank Sr’s mother’s name was Laura Crosby, born in Canada and her mother’s name was Victoria (Gaines) born in Ireland but fled to North America during the potato famine. I am so excited about what I have read in your geneology blog. I hope to hear from you soon! Kindly, Annette Crosby-Wright (I was born in Toledo, Ohio and now live in SE Michigan) We have many family members still residing in Toledo, Ohio.

  • Thank you for the wonderful Blogs my brother. I find them very interesting. I really enjoyed the one on the 4th of November… Gunsmoke and Catholic Geneology! Great job!

    Blessings and Peace!

    Catholic Evangelist Richard Lane,www.Qorban.net

    Qorban Ministries – http://www.QorbanMinistries.Blogspot.com

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