My Families in the 1940 Census, Part II

Once the indexing was completed I set about trying to find my families by name in the 1940 census. I concentrated on what I consider to be my four main lines: Manson, Gines, Bowie, and Bryant. My results were somewhat underwhelming. Gines family: I’ve already mentioned that I found my maternal grandmother and some of her children but that their …Continue reading →

My Families in the 1940 Census

I was excited as anyone when  the 1940 census was released. I immediately went to work trying to find my families. I was a volunteer indexer through FamilySearch.org and I enjoyed that experience immensely.  It was great to be part of a worldwide network of people working towards the same goal. During the period of time before the indexing was …Continue reading →

1940 Census Release: Meanwhile, Back in New Mexico. . .

. . . The Santa Fe New Mexican reported in an AP wire story that “130,000 enumerators are going to ring 40,000,000 doorbells between April 1 ad April 30 and ask three and quarter billion questions.” Pre-census estimates put the  U.S. population at about 132,000,000. (Apr 1, 1940, p. 3) . . . The Albuquerque Journal said that 1000 enumerators …Continue reading →

Celebrating a Census Release: It was 1940 When . . .

. . . Walt Disney’s Pinocchio made its cinematic debut (Feb 7). . . . Hattie McDaniel won an Oscar for Gone With the Wind, becoming the first African-American Academy award winner (Feb 29). . . . Hitler and Mussolini decided to fight Britain and France (Mar 18). . . . Germany invaded Denmark and Norway (Apr 9). . . …Continue reading →

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