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Wednesday’s Why?

Q:  Why does continue to list the last known residence from the SSDI as the place of death? A: I don’t know.

Supreme Court to Determine Public Records Threat

The first Monday in October is traditionally the start of the U.S. Supreme Court’s annual term. During the first week, the Court typically hears a few cases, and announces some of the other cases they have chosen for review during the Term.  This amounts to something less than 200 cases out of thousands of petitions addressed to  the Court. So, …Continue reading →

Georgia to Restrict Access to State Archives

Less than a week ago, I was advising someone that her next research activity should be to visit the Georgia State Archives.  Well, now, she’d better get there in a hurry since the state has announced the closure of the Archives to most public visitors effective 1 November 2012. In a statement on Tuesday, 11 September 2012, Georgia’s Secretary of …Continue reading →

Kudos: Albuquerque Public Schools

As you all know, one of our GeneaBlogie values is “Give credit where credit is due.”  So we always like to recognize excellence. Today we thank and recognize the Albuquerque Public Schools and, particularly, Kathleen  Nelson of the APS  Digital Imaging and Archives Center. I called Ms. Nelson late on a Friday afternoon to inquire about the availability of some …Continue reading →

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