Free course: Iowans in the Civil Rights Movement

For those interested in Iowa history, is offering this free course July 1-July 31. provides online education including many free courses. I’ve found it useful in genealogy and several other disciplines, including law. Teaching and Learning Iowa History – Iowans and the Struggles Against Anti-Black Racism

Our Veteran Household

Before 1976, women in the Army were segregated into their own branch known as “WAC” which stood for Women’s Army Corps. All WAC officers were trained at Fort McClellan, Alabama. The women’s training center was later moved to Fort Lee, Virginia. Penny thus was one of the last of the WACs. When the Army integrated […]

Recent Veterans in My Family

Left to right: (my brother’s commander)(my nephew,  David M., now age 30); David Q Manson (Maj, USA, retired); our Dad, Harold V Manson (1932-2013; Lt Col, USA,  ret.); Terry Manson (Maj, USA, retired); me (Col, USAF, retired); a  total of 85 years of service; our Mom, who also served every one of those 85 years […]