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With malice toward none and charity for all . . . .we learn that there are gentlemen of the first degree in this century. Look here.

How Grandpa Zeke Collected a Bounty on Himself

My great-great-grandfather Ezekiel Johnson collected a bounty for turning himself into the federal government in 1864. Actually, so did a lot of other folks earn such bounties. Zeke Johnson was held as a slave in Clay County, Missouri, fro the day he was born in 1847 until one day in May, 1864, when he was 17 years old.  That day …Continue reading →

From the GeneaBlogie Archives: Books for Genealogy

Originally published September 14, 2008 Everyone, I expect, can agree on some of the books by the top authors in this field, and everyone can agree that every genealogist should have read them and have ready access to them. But I see genealogy as informed by many other disciplines and I think that genealogists need to inform themselves about these …Continue reading →

O, Canada!

The Maple Leaf Forever

Jamboree Arrival

Good evening, Mr and Mrs America, and all the ships at sea . . . ! 2:30 PM PDT–I’ve just arrived at the Burbank Airport Marriott and got a great gift bag at reception thanks to Thomas M and Denise L.!  Very cool! I’m hooking up with The Genealogy Guys to record an interview for their podcast and after that, …Continue reading →

Fathers Day 2009

At this morning’s Mass in my parish, a petition during the Prayers of the Faithful was “for all fathers and all others who keep us safe and secure.”   The second half seemed to constitute a de facto definition of “father.”  This made sense to me as I thought about it.  It echoed precisely words that I had heard not very …Continue reading →

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Getting Caught Up

Getting Caught Up I’m a couple of posts behind on the wrap up of my research on my brick wall. That’s because I got a little more obsessive than usual about this research; checking it over and over again to see if the conclusions I’ve come to are supportable. I have cast them as hypotheses rather than conclusions. I expect …Continue reading →

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