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  • cheri dervin lyday says:

    I have looked for information about Jessie Mae Dervin as well.
    I am deeply interested in this person, Ms. Jessie Mae. She did
    not appear in any data banks except the city directory. My mother said
    she knew the existence of Jessie Mae and that only. I wondered how
    long she and Kermit were married because the length of time between
    the end of the war and the time that Kermit met my mother must have
    been a period of two years and probably no more than that.

  • cheri dervin lyday says:

    I have looked at many sources of information. I cannot find
    a record of kermit Dervin having married Jessie Mae. Please
    advise the sources that will reveal where I may get the
    documentation for Jessie’s maiden name.

  • cheri dervin lyday says:

    Just happened to be looking up information about my father’s family and happened uon your blog. Artie Dervin was my father’s brother. My father’s name was Kermit. His name did not appear on the 1930’s census because he had left home when he was 9 year’s old. The family probably didn’t know his exact where abouts at that time. Just interested.

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