1890 Census

A Thought: Could the 1890 Population Schedules Be Re-created?

I really enjoy learning about the Census Bureau and its processes.  So I’ve been especially fond of Michael Hait’s “anatomy” series and his other articles about the census.  After reading his latest census oriented post, I started musing about the 1890 census.  The population schedules for the 1890 census were mostly destroyed in a fire that occurred in the Commerce …Continue reading →

The Census Explained

The 1890 census was one of the most controversial up to that time. It therefore attracted a great deal of commentary in the press. The following article  confirms much of what you’ve probably thought about the census.  And many interesting contextual facts may  be gleaned from the story.   It originally appeared in the New York Tribune, but was reprinted in …Continue reading →

1890 Census Series Delayed

Our promised series on the 1890 census has been delayed while we reacted to and researched the issues concerning the Ancestry.com caching matter. It will be posted on Friday.

Preview: The Story of the 1890 Census

We all “know” that the 1890 census was destroyed in a fire at the Commerce Department in January, 1921. But do we know the whole story of the 1890 census? The 1890 census was in trouble long before that tragic night in 1921. The Superintendent of the Census, one R.P. Porter, had to constantly defend his work against charges that …Continue reading →

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