Grand Genealogy Tour: Denver!

Editor’s Note: It doesn’t usually take nearly 30 days on Amtrak to get from Salt Lake City to Denver.  A funny thing happened on our virtual tour: real life, i.e., work, family, health.  But we expect t continue the tour, with interspersed other stuff. We’ll make it to our next stop, Kansas City, a bit quicker! The California Zephyr  rolls …Continue reading →

Grand Genealogy Journey: En Route to the Centennial State

The California Zephyr pulls out of Salt Lake City at 4:10 a.m. on its 15 hour eastbound trip to Denver.  The trip between Salt Lake City and Denver is, like everything else on this trip, extremely interesting.  Here’s a brief description of some of the sights we’ll see: Provo, Utah: 45 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, this growing town …Continue reading →

GeneaBlogie Grand Genealogy Journey – Day 1: Sacramento

Sacramento has often been overlooked by visitors to Northern California; the same visitors are frequently mesmerized by the city some 90 miles away called San Francisco. Dissing Sacramento used to be a favorite pastime of the cognoscenti.   “It’s too hot!”  “It’s too dry!”  “It’s too flat!”  “It’s got no culture!” Even the California Supreme Court refuses to have its …Continue reading →

The Grand Genealogy Journey (Virtual) Starts Saturday

Join us here Saturday p.m. for the start of the GeneaBlogie Grand Genealogy Journey!  It’ll kick off with a tour of the California Railroad Museum in Sacramento, located at one of the most historic sites in American railroad history.  Then, we’ll learn some more history about Sacramento and the Sierra foothill communities that are nearby.   Finally, we board Amtrak’s California …Continue reading →

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