Wednesday’s Why?

Q:  Why does continue to list the last known residence from the SSDI as the place of death? A: I don’t know.


Two Genealogical DNA Entities Exit the Stage

It’s not exactly breaking news that has acquired and the assets of the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation.  See here. But it was curious to me that yesterday within 45 minutes I received ending reports from both Sorenson and GeneTree. In my early dabblings in online DNA research,  I had used both Sorenson and GeneTree. I was more attracted to …Continue reading →


A Couple of Exciting Genealogy Events: Save These Dates!

Here are a couple of exciting upcoming events: Saturday, October 15, 2011: Family History Day at the California State Archives in Sacramento. This will be the 13th annual Family History Day at the State Archives located at 1020 O St. in Sacramento.  In addition to the Archives staff, there will be a number of local societies represented and several vendors. …Continue reading →

OFF Replies to “Those Oldies But Goodies”

After having posted about “ancient research aids,”  I got a very pleasant email from John Bacus, a product manager on’s search engine.  He pointed out the “location filters” on the search engine.  They are located just under the location box in each search box, just as the name filters are just beneath the name boxes.  These filters,allow a user …Continue reading →


Research Note: Those Oldies but Goodies (“Ancient” Research Aids)

I must say that I’m always excited to hear of new processes, new software, new methods, new hardware, new, new, new, new everything! Now while I’m not one who must go out and be the first to have something new, just for the sake of being first to have it, I will usually upgrade as soon as I possibly can …Continue reading →


Ancestry Announces “Ancestry Labs” and “PersonView” today announced “Ancestry Labs” containing a beta project called “PersonView.”  Here’s the announcement as it was gievn to me under embargo on Friday afternoon: We’re launching Labs – and we’d love you’re feedback Today we are announcing a new “labs” area of This is a part of the site that will allow us to test new ideas …Continue reading →


Ancestry + Footnote: Update

“Credit Where Credit is Due” That’s one of our mottos around here.  In our last post, we failed to include Tamura Jones’ substantive article on the acquisition.  Tamura was the first to break the news via Twitter.  His insightful article is at


Grand Genealogy Journey: to Acquire

That rumbling out of the western mountains: the Earth shifting on its axis again as the genea-sphere reverberates from learning that is acquiring!  The announcement made today may be a game-changer in the competition for the online family history customer. I’ve always liked, and once in  awhile I wistfully have thought that these two  friends of mine, …Continue reading →


Grand Genealogy Journey: En Route to the Centennial State

The California Zephyr pulls out of Salt Lake City at 4:10 a.m. on its 15 hour eastbound trip to Denver.  The trip between Salt Lake City and Denver is, like everything else on this trip, extremely interesting.  Here’s a brief description of some of the sights we’ll see: Provo, Utah: 45 miles southeast of Salt Lake City, this growing town …Continue reading →


The Changed Face(s) of

It’s Not 2007’s Ancestry! Remember this unfortunate matter? Believe it or not it’s been less than 2 1/2 years since found itself overwhelmed in tsunami of controversy that it never anticipated.  The legal aspect of the dispute, about which I wrote a lot, really was not as important as the public relations aspect of it, the trust aspect of …Continue reading →

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