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A GeneaBlogie Dialogue: The Future of Professional Genealogy

Preface: A while ago, there was dialogue in the blogosphere about the future of the large genealogy companies such as, FamilySearch Inc., and others. Notable writers such as James Tanner, Thomas MacEntee, Randy Seaver, and the Ancestry Insider, have written about this issue. Many more experts have commented on the blogs of those who have written on this issue. …Continue reading →

The Discussion about Standards, Certification, Maturity, etc.: Useful or Divisive? Elitist Envy or Intellectual Inevitability?

Part I of Several Parts When  I say in in my profile on this page, that I “literally have a checkered past,”  that refers to both my ancestral background (as it would to most people) and to the fact that for complicated reasons, I have been in several different professions in my working lifetime.  I have been, among other things, …Continue reading →

APG Open Records Summary

One of Several Posts about Open Government Laws and Genealogy The Association of Professional Genealogists position paper on open records contains the following summary: No proof that open records significantly contribute to ID theft or terrorism. ID thieves rarely use public records, relying instead on stolen or fraudulent data. Public benefits of access to records far outweighs their threat. Open …Continue reading →

APG Pushes for Open Records

One of Several Posts about Open Government Laws and Genealogy Coincident with our series of posts about open government records, the Association of Professional Genealogists has released a position paper entitled “The Case for Open Records.” Appropriately, it was a project of APG’s Sunshine state [Florida] chapter. Last Friday, APG issued a press release about the position paper, which has …Continue reading →

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