Black History Month

CGS February Meeting A History Maker

The African-American History Month presentation of the California Genealogical Society and Library has just concluded minutes ago.  The meeting itself was a history maker. A morning session consisted of a panel of eminent experts from the African-American Genealogical Society of Northern California.  These top researchers were Electra Price, Juliet Crutchfield and Jackie Stewart. Then, in the afternoon, I was set …Continue reading →


Black History Month: Knights of Peter Claver – St Elizabeth’s Branch, St Louis, MO

During November, which is Black Catholic History Month, I wrote about the Knights of Peter Claver.  A few days ago, I came across this badge from St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in St Louis.  St Elizabeth’s was a parish established especially for black Catholics by Fr. John Markoe and his brother, Fr. William Markoe, both Jesuits, during the term of Archbishop …Continue reading →


Black History Month: A Strange Letter and an un-Fair Move?

Sometime after their marriage in 1913, Joseph P. Micheau and his wife Edna Lewis moved their family from Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, to St. Louis, Missouri. According to Joseph’s 1917 draft card, they  lived at 4210 Cote Brilliant and then apparently at 3128 Fair Avenue. The 1920 census places them on Fair Avenue.  Later, however, they moved to 1923 Whittier, …Continue reading →


Bridging Black History Month and Women’s History Month

Here’s some  aviation history made just recently: Atlantic Southeast Airlines Flight 5202 from Atlanta to Nashville and Flight 5106 from Nashville back to Atlanta.  Thursday, February12, 2009.  The crew: Captain Rachelle Jones (back, right); First Officer Stephanie Grant (front, left); Flight Attendants Robin Rogers and Diana Galloway


Black History Month: “Negro Subversion”

March 8, 1918 From: Chief, Military Intelligence Branch, Executive Division To: Captain Roy F. Britton, Boatmen’s Bank Bldg., St Louis, Mo. Subject: Charlie Williams (colored) 1. The above is employed as a porter-janitor at St Louis Union Station, 18th and Market St., St. Louis, Mo. 2.   About 45 years old, very black, about 5 feet 4 inches, weight about 175 …Continue reading →


Black History Month: Lift Every Voice and Sing

Lift Every Voice And Sing Lift every voice and sing, ‘Til earth and heaven ring, Ring with the harmonies of Liberty; Let our rejoicing rise High as the listening skies, Let it resound loud as the rolling sea. Sing a song full of the faith that the dark past has taught us, Sing a song full of the hope that …Continue reading →


Black History Month: Guinda, California

For those who know the Capay Valley in Yolo County, California, it’s a place of great natural beauty, almond orchards, a few wineries, and (lately, unfortunately), Indian “gaming.” Few folks know that the Capay Valley town of Guinda is rich in African-American history. Read more here.


Black History Month: Dr. Rebecca Davis Lee Crumpler

Today is the 177th anniversary of the birth of Rebecca Davis Lee Crumpler, the first black woman in America to graduate from medical school and practice as a physician. [Early sources say that this distinction belongs to Rebecca Cole; however, it appears that Crumpler graduated several years before Cole]. Sources say she was born in Delaware and that her parents …Continue reading →


Black History Month: Alpha Kappa Alpha

Ethel Hedgeman Lyle was born in St Louis in 1885. Her father, Albert Hedgeman, was a janitor; her mother, Marie Hubbard, was a homemaker. She graduated from Sumner High School in 1904 and attended Howard University.In her second year, illness forced her to withdraw. Ethel later returned to school at Howard. In her senior year, she led a group of …Continue reading →

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