Year Nine: Life Support

THIS LITTLE BLOG OF MINE . . . This week marks the ninth anniversary of GeneaBlogie. The blog and its author have been through a lot over the last nine years, as has the  blogosphere itself. Nine years is a lifetime in social media or technology. There are platforms that did not even exist nine years ago when this blog …Continue reading →


. . . The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

. . . So you’ll still find the things you’ve always liked about this blog, with some enhanced features.  These features include: The GeneaBlogie Library–where you’ll find links to e-books and important  documents.  These will be downloadable. And yes, credit for the first library of this sort based in a blog goes to Taneya, who recently unveiled her Genealogical Bookshelf. …Continue reading →


. . . Everything Must Change

The title of this post can be taken as an imperative or an observation. It’s true either way. Things will change at Nature’s caprice or by one’s own volition. Most often, however, change is the result of volition compelled by nature or Nature reacting to volition. That’s why GeneaBlogie is changing! Without belaboring the point, let’s face two facts: GeneaBlogie …Continue reading →


As the Man Said . . .


Grandma for Sale: A Cautionary Tale

A certain genealogist and  blogger (no names, please, but her initials are s.h.e.r.i.f.e.n.l.e.y.) a few months ago had an interesting proposition: she had a chance to sell her grandmother!  What would you have done? Here’s the tale: Sher, I mean, s.h.e.r.i., had some time ago written a post about her grandmother, Maryellen Harris Skillman, who as a young woman was …Continue reading →


A Christmas Miracle!?

A Star Appears Again Once upon a time, not that long ago, but in a place far far away, there twinkled a star called “Cow Hampshire.”  Guided by a benevolent monarch named Janice, Cow Hampshire was a place of wit, wisdom, mirth, and joy. One day, however, the Cow star seemed to have burned out and fallen from the sky. …Continue reading →

OFF Top 100 Blog Recognition!

Well, we find ourselves among some august company indeed!  The folks over at the blog have selected their top 100 genealogy blogs, and we are on the list! And all the same day I got some good Smart Matches too! Check out the list at the link above. By the way, Daniel Horowitz of is coming to this …Continue reading →


Ancestor Approved

George Geder, Pat Salt, Elizabeth Saunders, and Deborah Andrew have each honored me with the “Ancestor Approved.”   My backlog has kept me from ackinowledging them sooner. The terms are that the recipient must list ten things I have learned about any of my ancestors that has surprised, humbled, or enlightened me and pass the award along to ten other bloggers …Continue reading →


Getting Back in the Race

Each time I find myself flat on my face, I pick  myself up and get back in the race. (That’s Life,  lyrics copyright by Dean Kay and Kelly Gordon) I continue to gradually emerge into the world as my recuperation from back surgery progresses.  It’s been difficult not to have had the time to write.  I will have, however, an …Continue reading →


Family Tree Magazine Names Top 40 Genealogy Blogs

It was an honor just to have been nominated! Really. Family Tree Magazine has announced its list of Top 40 genealogy blogs.  And a well-deserving lot they are!  Most have been in my reader for a long time.  But one thing striking about the list is that there are a number o f relatively new bloggers on it.  This is …Continue reading →

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