How to Make Effective Use of Blogs in Your Research

Blogs are not an exotic species.   They are a form of expression by real people discussing, for the most part, issues of real interest to real audiences. At their core, blogs are not essentially different from books, magazines, television shows, newspapers, etc.  They are sources of information. But anyone can write a blog! That fact is actually one of the …Continue reading →


Happy Blogoversary, footnoteMaven!

It’s hard to believe that’s only been two years since the public debut of footnoteMaven, the proprietress of her pseudonymously eponymous blog as well as of Shades of the Departed.  In that short time, her publications have set the bar higher and higher for content and she has become by acclamation one of the respected leaders of the Geneablogosphere.  She …Continue reading →


A Whole Lotta Church, A Whole Lotta Food

The past seven days for my extended family have included: the biggest family Thanksgiving gathering in a decade (preceded by Thanksgiving Mass on Thursday morning); five family birthdays, una quincenara (a family friend), which included, of course, a Mass, and most unfortunately, a funeral for a relative who died suddenly just before festivities began and which had us all on …Continue reading →


Getting to Know Me–Getting to Know GeneaBlogie

Terry Thornton, the renowned Hill Country of Monroe County story-teller, suggested that it would be good to have genea-bloggers introduce themselves and their blogs, so we can keep up with our growing community.  Terry has collected all the posts submitted by September 27, 2008, I had intended to finish mine up on September 26, but I ended up in the …Continue reading →


Technical Difficulties Spoil Carnival Submission

I was up till hours way past my bedtime wrestling with a WordPress problem that wrecked my Carnival submission.  There were a number of photographs and  the software (in the theme, I think) just would not post them correctly. It put them on top of each other; it placed them side by side in a row when they were meant …Continue reading →


Coming Up on GeneaBlogie!

Starting this week: a multi-part series on Social Networks and Genealogy–starts Thursday. Sept 1: Deadline for Show and Tell at the Carnival! Next week: another multi-part series: 40 Years On – A Memoir of 1968 Oct 3-5: A GeneaBlogie Special Event! More info coming soon!


The Carnival is Up!

The 54th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is hosted by Donna Pointkouski at What’s Past is Prologue. It’s the one on family language. There are funny posts, poignant ones, thoughtful ones, presented by a number of bloggers.  Check it out! And it’s time for preparing the 55th Carnival. Call for submissions! With Labor Day and the end of summer …Continue reading →


I Think the Term is “Hubris” . . . .

What on earth ever possessed me to enter every event in the 2008 Games, what with school starting and all?!


Why I Blog: Reason No. (???)

A few days ago, a young man commented on a blog post I had written sometime last year.  He noted that the man referred to in that post as my father’s cousin was the young man’s grandfather.  I soon heard from the young man’s brother, followed in turn by their mother.  We’ve had a lively email exchange of information; confirming …Continue reading →


GeneaBlogie Among “Best of the Best”

at Alltop. Our friend the footnoteMaven was among the first, if not the first, of the genea-bloggers to notice that the site has added a genealogy section. And her blogs were listed! fM closed her post about Alltop with an enticing “See anyone you know?”  So we had to look and there was GeneaBlogie! Allltop describes itself as a …Continue reading →

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