We’re on The Genealogy Guys Podcast!

Two of the leading members of the genealogy community and genealogy media, Drew Smith and George G. Morgan, are “The Genealogy Guys.”  They have a podcast which this week features Janet Horvorka, the “Chart Chick,”  and moi. These guys do great work and they turn up just about everywhere genealogical news is to be found. Our interview was done at …Continue reading →


FamilyLink Mis-Cues Mar GW Debut; “H*ll” Breaks Loose at Site

I had written some fairly positive things about FamilyLink’s new social network, GenealogyWise, whose official debut is supposed to be today.  The company had a “soft” opening a week ago and within two days had garnered thousands of members with hundreds of specialty groups and discussions.  Many highly influential names in the genealogy world joined up. It seemed as if …Continue reading →


Cyber-Stampede: Makes Spectacular Debut

It looked a bit like the land rush when Oklahoma was opened to settlers as new social network made its appearance earlier today.  The FamilyLink property had a “soft” opening–no flashy press conferences or celebratory speeches marked the launch.   A simple unembargoed notice to several influential bloggers seemed to be all that was necessary to set the ‘Net on …Continue reading →


Blogging Catch-up

UPDATED 5/16/09 7:45 PM PDT (links added; spelling corrected; categories added) Much going on here as the law school gets ready for graduation Saturday TODAY!  So we’ve  been a little slow on the blog.  Here are a few things we missed: 1. Another big thank you to the volunteers at Find – a- Grave!  More pictures have been found and …Continue reading →


GeneaBlogie in Top 25 Genealogy Blogs!

We were surprised, thrilled, and honored by Heather Henderson’s article at ProGenealogists which described GeneaBlogie as one of the 25 most popular genealogy blogs! There are many veery excellent blogs out there and we’re just happy to be one of them.  To read the best and the soon-to-be great genealogy blogs, see Chris Dunham’s Genealogy Blog Finder and check out …Continue reading →


A Commentary on the Quality of Sources

Read this. Then for the spot-on rejoinders, read Chris Dunham and Tim Agazio.


Happy Blogoversary, footnoteMaven!

It’s hard to believe that’s only been two years since the public debut of footnoteMaven, the proprietress of her pseudonymously eponymous blog as well as of Shades of the Departed.  In that short time, her publications have set the bar higher and higher for content and she has become by acclamation one of the respected leaders of the Geneablogosphere.  She …Continue reading →


Scores of Things About My Genealogical Activities

I’m not sure who started this meme, but I first found it at Msteri’s Heritage Happens.  She called it 104 Tidbits About My Genealogical Habits.  It can be a good goal setting tool. The list below  should be annotated in the following manner: Things you have already done or found: bold face type Things you would like to do or …Continue reading →


Getting to Know Me–Getting to Know GeneaBlogie

Terry Thornton, the renowned Hill Country of Monroe County story-teller, suggested that it would be good to have genea-bloggers introduce themselves and their blogs, so we can keep up with our growing community.  Terry has collected all the posts submitted by September 27, 2008, I had intended to finish mine up on September 26, but I ended up in the …Continue reading →


The Carnival is Up!

The 54th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is hosted by Donna Pointkouski at What’s Past is Prologue. It’s the one on family language. There are funny posts, poignant ones, thoughtful ones, presented by a number of bloggers.  Check it out! And it’s time for preparing the 55th Carnival. Call for submissions! With Labor Day and the end of summer …Continue reading →

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