Breaking News: Feds Require Bloggers to Disclose Product Endorsement Connections

Genea-bloggers who say anything positive about genealogical products from now on may required to disclose any “material connection” between themselves and the distributor of the product. The Federal Trade Commission today adopted what it refers to as  new “Guides” on endorsements and testimonials in advertising.   The Commission’s 81-page document represents the first time in nearly 30 years that the Guides …Continue reading →


And The Nominees Are . . .

Voting Opens in Family Tree Magazine’s 40 Best Genealogy Blogs–We’re on the Ballot! Family Tree Magazine’s “40 Best Genealogy Blogs”  feature opened its polls today at the Genealogy Insider blog. About 130 blogs are nominated in 10 categories: All-around Personal/Family Local/Regional Cemetery Photos/Heirlooms Heritage News/Resources \How-to Genealogy Companies Genetic Genealogy GeneaBlogie was nominated in the All-Around category. Many Thanks to …Continue reading →


GeneaBlogie Short Road Trip

Thanks to all for the kind words on our Blgoiversary!  The feeling is mutual, I assure you. You know, every day some body starts a genealogy blog that will be interesting and appealing.  And then there are thsoe would like to, but don’t know how or whether they should.  A great resource is the GeneaBloggers site, created by Thomas MacEntee, …Continue reading →


Five Years and Still Going . . . .

I  started this blog five years ago yesterday.  How nice of everyone to take the day off in honor! I really had no idea what I was getting into at the time.  I conceived of it as a place to update research, tell  some family stories, report relevant genealogical news,and set out some opinions and philosophies.  And I hope I’ve …Continue reading →


We’re on The Genealogy Guys Podcast!

Two of the leading members of the genealogy community and genealogy media, Drew Smith and George G. Morgan, are “The Genealogy Guys.”  They have a podcast which this week features Janet Horvorka, the “Chart Chick,”  and moi. These guys do great work and they turn up just about everywhere genealogical news is to be found. Our interview was done at …Continue reading →


French Genealogy: The Blog

I have several reasons to engage in research in France.  Of course, I’ve written a fair amount about “The French Negroes of Illinois.”  And one of the Louisiana lines I work on is the LEJAY (or LEGER/LEGIRE) family, who may be tied to descendants of French Huguenots who landed in South Carolina in the late 17th Century.  These folks in …Continue reading →


Blogging Catch-up

UPDATED 5/16/09 7:45 PM PDT (links added; spelling corrected; categories added) Much going on here as the law school gets ready for graduation Saturday TODAY!  So we’ve  been a little slow on the blog.  Here are a few things we missed: 1. Another big thank you to the volunteers at Find – a- Grave!  More pictures have been found and …Continue reading →


GeneaBlogie in Top 25 Genealogy Blogs!

We were surprised, thrilled, and honored by Heather Henderson’s article at ProGenealogists which described GeneaBlogie as one of the 25 most popular genealogy blogs! There are many veery excellent blogs out there and we’re just happy to be one of them.  To read the best and the soon-to-be great genealogy blogs, see Chris Dunham’s Genealogy Blog Finder and check out …Continue reading →


A Commentary on the Quality of Sources

Read this. Then for the spot-on rejoinders, read Chris Dunham and Tim Agazio.


How to Make Effective Use of Blogs in Your Research

Blogs are not an exotic species.   They are a form of expression by real people discussing, for the most part, issues of real interest to real audiences. At their core, blogs are not essentially different from books, magazines, television shows, newspapers, etc.  They are sources of information. But anyone can write a blog! That fact is actually one of the …Continue reading →

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