My Families in the 1940 Census, Part II

Once the indexing was completed I set about trying to find my families by name in the 1940 census. I concentrated on what I consider to be my four main lines: Manson, Gines, Bowie, and Bryant. My results were somewhat underwhelming. Gines family: I’ve already mentioned that I found my maternal grandmother and some of her children but that their …Continue reading →


I Say Tomato, You Say Pearl Onion

Resolving Conflicting Data North Carolina?  Arkansas?  Alabama?   In the last post, we saw that all of these had been offered as possible birthplaces for my gg-grandfather, John Wesley Bowie.   I said I’d bet on Catahoula Parish, Louisiana.  Why? What does one do when confronted by multiple conflicting data?  Let’s start with the fact that the researcher at first has no …Continue reading →


John Wesley Bowie was born . . . where??

Sunday Monday Tuesday Afternoon Take on Saturday Night Genealogical Fun: John Wesley Bowie (Yeah, it took awhile to get this together!) Randy Seaver at Genea-musings has made a relatively regular item a feature called “Saturday Night Genealogical Fun.” It usually involves some quiz or meme or game and is highly popular with the Facebook genealogy crowd and others. These items …Continue reading →


“Jesus Wept.” Maybe He Didn’t Like the Food . . . .

My ancestors include a number of clergymen and my ancestors in general were religious people.   But one curious thing I began thinking about recently. At mealtimes when my paternal grandmother, Jessie Beatrice Bowie was visiting, she would say a blessing consisting of two words:  “Jesus wept.” Well, I know, of course, that this is the shortest verse in the Bible …Continue reading →


Names, Places & Most Wanted Faces

I started this with a note on Facebook and it was suggested that it would make a good meme for bloggers.  The idea is to publicize your surnames and locales to see if anyone elseknows something about them.  For me on Facebook, I got several research-helpful replies. So how much better to take it to a wider audience. List the …Continue reading →


Another Bowie Mystery

As I’ve written about from time to time, my Bowie line descends from one James Bowie (c. 1795-1832), a so-called “free man of color” who resided in Louisiana.  My cousin Steve Bowie has set out the history and genealogy of the James Bowie FMC descendants at his excellent site, We don’t know where James Bowie was born nor who …Continue reading →


Nana’s 100th Anniversary

JESSIE BEATRICE BOWIE 1909-1973 Jessie Beatrice Bowie was my paternal grandmother.  She was born in San Antonio, Texas, on January 11, 1909.  She was the daughter of Elias Bowie, Sr.(1874-1970) and Hattie Bryant (1888-1944). Hattie had been  born on the Texas Gulf Coast.  After a brief marriage at age 15 and another relationship, she headed for San Antonio with her …Continue reading →


2009: Day 3

Is the honeymoon with the new year over already? I’m betting that by Monday morning, that’s what of us will be thinking! But I’ve had a good first three days! On the one hand, I missed the Carnival, which broke one of my resolutions, but it was unavoidable. Plagued by connectivity problems all week (which are now solved), I was …Continue reading →


Elias Bowie (1910-2005)

Elias Bowie (Jr.) was my father’s uncle. He was the the brother of my grandmother, Jessie Beatrice Bowie (1909-1973). Their mother was Hattie Bryant (1888-1944). Hattie had been born on the Texas Gulf Coast. After a marriage at age 15 and another relationship, she headed for San Antonio with her infant son Herman Walker (1906-2002). In San Antonio, Hattie found …Continue reading →


Family on Television

My families will be getting some television exposure this fall. First, on Tuesday, November 11, ABC Family Channel presents the two hour season finale of Lincoln Heights, which stars Nicki Mischeau as Jennifer Sutton, wife of police officer Eddie Sutton. Nicki is part of the “French Negroes of Illinois” families that settled in St Louis.  An experienced character role player, …Continue reading →

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