Nana’s 100th Anniversary

JESSIE BEATRICE BOWIE 1909-1973 Jessie Beatrice Bowie was my paternal grandmother.  She was born in San Antonio, Texas, on January 11, 1909.  She was the daughter of Elias Bowie, Sr.(1874-1970) and Hattie Bryant (1888-1944). Hattie had been  born on the Texas Gulf Coast.  After a brief marriage at age 15 and another relationship, she headed for San Antonio with her …Continue reading →


Elias Bowie (1910-2005)

Elias Bowie (Jr.) was my father’s uncle. He was the the brother of my grandmother, Jessie Beatrice Bowie (1909-1973). Their mother was Hattie Bryant (1888-1944). Hattie had been born on the Texas Gulf Coast. After a marriage at age 15 and another relationship, she headed for San Antonio with her infant son Herman Walker (1906-2002). In San Antonio, Hattie found …Continue reading →


An Attempted Act of Genealogical Kindness

On Wednesday, Randy Seaver posted this item about the discovery of some love letters between a Navy man and his wife during World War II.  Seems the letters were found in a trash can at a thrift store  in Grass Valley, California, about 50 miles north of my location.   The letters came from Claude Dawson in the South Pacific to …Continue reading →


Can’t find a Louisiana Relative or Ancestor? Try Looking in California!

What?! Yes, you heard right. If you’re having difficulty locating a Louisiana relative or ancestor from the 20th century, perhaps you should try looking in California . . . well, at least in some of the California databases on During and after World War II, there was a huge movement of people from the South to California. They were …Continue reading →


San Francisco Mortuary Records to be Indexed

I’ve written a lot about FamilySearch Indexing. And another reason I’ve felt a little behind with GeneaBlogie as well as reading the blogs I usually read is that I’ve done a lot of indexing! But I was particularly excited by the announcement the other day that San Francisco’s mortuary records will be indexed in a venture involving the California Genealogical …Continue reading →


A Great Weekend

I’m just now back from a great weekend at Lake Tahoe, where I performed the civil wedding ceremony of two great young people, Christopher and Melissa, both in their early thirties. The ceremony was outdoors on the very shore of the Lake, with the Sierra as the backdrop. About thirty minutes before the ceremony, a nervous Melissa fretted that the …Continue reading →


SoCal Genea-Jamboree: Prologue

BURBANK, Calif.–I’m excited to be here in “beautiful downtown Burbank” (people of a certain age get the pop cultural allusion) for the 2008 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree which gets underway tomorrow. It’s the largest genealogical gathering on the West Coast. I haven’t seen any celebrities (like Dick Eastman, Drew Smith, George Morgan or Randy Seaver) yet, but there will be …Continue reading →


Coming Up: The 2008 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree!

This time next week, I’ll be at the 2008 Southern California Genealogy Jamboree, sponsored by the Southern California Genealogy Society. It’s at the Marriott Burbank Airport in Burbank, California. The Jamboree is the largest genealogical event on the West Coast. I’m looking forward to every bit of it, including the “Bloggers Summit” featuring Megan, Shelly, Randy, and others. I will …Continue reading →


UPDATE: California’s Crackdown on Consumer Genomics

Some Good News (Maybe) and Prof. Manson Issues Challenges to Regulators and Industry Diane at Genealogy Insider reports: Lea Brooks of the California Department of Public Health told me that “Genetic testing used for ancestor tracking or forensic purposes is not covered by California clinical laboratory law standards.” That is in fact consistent with my initial reading of the regulations. …Continue reading →


California Crackdown on Genetic Genealogy?

This story has been reported elsewhere in the geneablogosphere, notably by Lee Drew (where I first saw it) and by Dick Eastman. But it is of continuing interest. Apparently, the California Department of Public health has decided to call a halt to the marketing of genetic tests directly to consumers. Companies such as Navigenics, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and deCODEme, …Continue reading →

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