Carnival of Genealogy

The Carnival’s Back!

The 55th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy–“Show & Tell”–is posted at Jasia’s Creative Gene.  I missed it due to technical issues with my WordPress software, but I will post my original submission in the coming days. Call For Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the COG will be: 10 essential books in my genealogy library. It will …Continue reading →


Coming Up on GeneaBlogie!

Starting this week: a multi-part series on Social Networks and Genealogy–starts Thursday. Sept 1: Deadline for Show and Tell at the Carnival! Next week: another multi-part series: 40 Years On – A Memoir of 1968 Oct 3-5: A GeneaBlogie Special Event! More info coming soon!


The Carnival is Up!

The 54th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is hosted by Donna Pointkouski at What’s Past is Prologue. It’s the one on family language. There are funny posts, poignant ones, thoughtful ones, presented by a number of bloggers.  Check it out! And it’s time for preparing the 55th Carnival. Call for submissions! With Labor Day and the end of summer …Continue reading →


Carnival of Genealogy: The Language of Families

My family has several linguistic oddities. When The World’s Smartest Sister was a toddler, she couldn’t pronounce the word “brother.”  It always came out as “bubbas.” Her two older siblings were her “bubbas.”   As  she grew older and more adept at the language, we kept the word “bubbas” as a term of endearment.  Later when we acquired The World’s Greatest …Continue reading →


Carnival Carousel: Harvesting & Sharing the Bounty

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been blessed with a bounteous trove of genealogical riches, nearly more than one person can handle. We’ve been slowly and carefully going through boxes of documents and photographs (and at the rate we’re going, we’re likely to spend the next 15 years at this! For this Carnival, I thought I would give you …Continue reading →


Carnival of Genealogy: 106 Years in America–And More!

One ancestor I’m really trying to learn more about is my great-great-grandfather William (“Billie”) Sanford. He was born in 1809 in Virginia and died in 1916 in Texas at the age of 106! A book I read says that he is the oldest person buried in the “colored” section of the Old City Cemetery in Rockdale, Milam County, Texas. (170 …Continue reading →


Top Cat

Top Cat! The most effectualTop Cat! Who’s intellectualClose friends get to call him T.C. Providing it’s with dignity. Yes he’s a chief, he’s a king,But above everything, He’s the most tip top, Top Cat. In September 1961, Hanna-Barbera premiered another of their primetime cartoons on ABC. Like The Flintstones, Top Cat was a hit that the whole family could watch …Continue reading →


Carnival of Genealogy: Gulf Coast Summer 1962

Right: Craig and The World’s Smartest Sister at the beach in Rockport, Texas, August 1962. As far as I recall, my first time at a beach was in the summer of 1962. Later that year, at age 8, I did my first major writing project. It’s presented here just as it was written 46 years ago, including photographs (the notes …Continue reading →


Carnival is Back!

The 47th edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is posted at Jasia’s Creative Gene. The theme this time was “A Place Called Home,” and thirty-two writers have described places that their ancestors called home. The submissions are very diverse, ranging from the now-extinct Markham Township, Ontario, to Weaver’s Creek Bottom, Mississippi, to towns in Croatia, Lithuania, and Poland. I didn’t …Continue reading →


Carnival Time: Where’d You Get Those Eyes? Nose? Hair?

The Carnival of Genealogy is back at Creative Gene. The posts discuss inherited traits. It’s a good one! I didn’t play in the Carnival this time for various schedule related reasons, but I commend it to you. Call for Submissions! The topic for the next edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is: A Place Called Home. It’s time for a …Continue reading →

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