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Catholics, Mormons, and Genealogy

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: Papal Aide: Holy Father there is exciting news. Some of it’s good but some of it’s bad. Pope:Okay, give me the good news first. Aide: The Savior has returned to Earth! He’s on the telephone asking for you! Pope: What could possibly be the bad news then? Aide: He’s calling from …Continue reading →


Black Catholic History Month: Preserving St Augustine’s Documents

Okay, the headline takes some liberty: we’re talking about saving Catholic records in  St Augustine, Florida, America’s oldest city. But before we get to that, let’s understand why we’re covering this during Black Catholic History Month (not that it wouldn’t always be of interest to those interested in Catholic history generally). In a number of communities around America you will …Continue reading →


Black Catholic History Month:Catholic Slaves in Maryland

Michael Hait picks up the story at the Examiner:


Common Law Marriage: Scotland & Quebec

As I had hoped,  some of our international correspondents checked in on this issue.  Kirsty says: In Scotland, the situation was a bit different from England, or at least less clear. There seems to have been contradictory legislation and, I think, the more I read on the topic of Scottish Marriage Law the more confused I get! In practice there …Continue reading →


FamilySearch Adds Midwestern Records

FamilySearch Record Search has added marriage records for Cook County, Illinois. The collection is currently what FamilySearch calls an “early access collection,” meaning that the collection is accessible though not yet entirely complete. What’s there now are records from 1900-1920. The entire collection ulitmately will go back to 1871. [H/T to Tom Kemp at the GenealogyBank blog]. And while we’re …Continue reading →


Carnival Carousel: Harvesting & Sharing the Bounty

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been blessed with a bounteous trove of genealogical riches, nearly more than one person can handle. We’ve been slowly and carefully going through boxes of documents and photographs (and at the rate we’re going, we’re likely to spend the next 15 years at this! For this Carnival, I thought I would give you …Continue reading →


Doing Some Hard Genealogy With Catholic Records

So I broke away from all the other toys to actually do some hard genealogy. I’ve written many times about Record Search at FamilySearch Labs. I noted awhile ago that I had found there the records of the Catholic Diocese of Belleville, Illinois, which includes an area of my research interest, the village of Prairie du Rocher in Randolph County, …Continue reading →

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