Catholics, Mormons, and Genealogy

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: Papal Aide: Holy Father there is exciting news. Some of it’s good but some of it’s bad. Pope:Okay, give me the good news first. Aide: The Savior has returned to Earth! He’s on the telephone asking for you! Pope: What could possibly be the bad news then? Aide: He’s calling from …Continue reading →


November is National Black Catholic History Month in the USA

And so it is.   I will be posting relevant matter here and over at The Catholic Gene.  These won’t be the same;  each site will have a different post. Black Catholics make up just 3% of the Catholic population in the United States. So why a Black Catholic History Month? Because Black Catholics make up just 3% of the Catholic …Continue reading →


Doors of Faith

[NOTE: 10/12/2012: This post has suffered a serious editing malfunction and will be reposted shortly].  Over at The Catholic Gene, where I’ve been known to hang out, Lisa/Smallest Leaf had a great idea: we should recnogize the Year of Faith declared by Pope Benedict XVI by sharing stories and photos of Catholic churches of our families or ancestors that played …Continue reading →


Welcome The Catholic Gene

This morning, I awakened to things usual and brand-new! The usual thing was that my mother-in-law, aged 90, was up and watching Mother Angelica on EWTN [Eternal Word Television Network; Comcast channel 233 in the Greater Sacramento area]. (My mother-in-law’s family has been Catholic since at least 1722; which I believe is about when  Mother Angelica commenced her television ministry!) …Continue reading →


Edna Micheau is 90 years old!

Check out today’s special birthday slideshow to the right – – – – – –> Edna Mary Micheau Penny was born on May 10, 1921 in St. Louis Missouri. Her parents were Joseph Perry Micheau (1888-1975) of Prairie du Rocher, Illinois, and Edna Julia Lewis (1890-1989), of Carbondale, Illinois.  From the time she was born until 2008 she lived almost …Continue reading →


Valentines Day: Love Letters from Prairie du Rocher

Joseph Perry Micheau (born 23 Feb 1888, Prairie du Rocher, Illinois; died 15 Nov 1975, St Louis, Missouri) was a descendant of the French Negroes of Illinois–originally slaves from Jamaica brought to Upper Louisiana  by French entrepeneur Phillipe Renault in the 1720’s.  The Micheau family represent well the social and cultural lives of the descendants of the French Negroes of …Continue reading →


Black History Month: Knights of Peter Claver – St Elizabeth’s Branch, St Louis, MO

During November, which is Black Catholic History Month, I wrote about the Knights of Peter Claver.  A few days ago, I came across this badge from St Elizabeth’s Catholic Church in St Louis.  St Elizabeth’s was a parish established especially for black Catholics by Fr. John Markoe and his brother, Fr. William Markoe, both Jesuits, during the term of Archbishop …Continue reading →


Black Catholic History Month: The Knights of Who?

“Claverism” observes 100th Anniversary in USA Every Catholic and many a non- Catholic recognizes the name of the largest Catholic lay organization in the world, the Knights of Columbus.  This is a group of “practical” Catholic men who do charitable acts.  Indeed, over the last ten years, the “K of C” have donated more than a billion dollars to charitable …Continue reading →


Black Catholic History Month: Black Catholics in the South

The notion of black Catholics in the South is not often the subject of much discussion by anyone, anywhere.  The southern United States is frequently thought of as having been settled largely by Scots-Irish and English people, not exactly fans of the Church of Rome.   The South is caricatured as a bastion of Baptists and, if one wants “high church,” …Continue reading →


Black Catholic History Month: The Josephite Fathers and Brothers

Earlier in the month, we discussed the life of Father Charles Uncles, the first black priest both trained and ordained in the United States. He was instrumental in the founding of the Society of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart.   This order of priests and religious were founded to evangelize the recently freed blacks in America. Actually, there had already …Continue reading →

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