CGS February Meeting A History Maker

The African-American History Month presentation of the California Genealogical Society and Library has just concluded minutes ago.  The meeting itself was a history maker. A morning session consisted of a panel of eminent experts from the African-American Genealogical Society of Northern California.  These top researchers were Electra Price, Juliet Crutchfield and Jackie Stewart. Then, in the afternoon, I was set …Continue reading →

Is There Any Genealogy Software That Can Do This?

Randy Seaver has had an excellent series of posts with a similar title. Today, I appropriate this concept because I want to Is There Any Genealogy Software That Can Do This: create a chart showing just one parental line; for example, if I wanted to make a chart showing only my paternal line. Anybody know?

Firefox 3 Download Day

I added 3 to the zillioins of Firefox 3 downloads today. First one came about 1:00 pm PDT and went very well. Second and third ones were at 7:30 PDT (probably peak California download time, I’m guessing, with folks getting home from work, kids finishing dinner, etc.) and took a bit longer. But I’m happy with Firefox 3!

Everything That Could Go Wrong . . .

. . . did. In which our hero finds himself on an Indian reservation without an Internet connection and speaks to an Indian with reservations 5,000 miles away. There was good news and bad news: Good news: On Monday, the GeneaBlogie research staff got a few hours’ extra sleep.Bad news: The reason we got some extra sleep was that the …Continue reading →

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