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Wednesday’s Why?

Q:  Why does continue to list the last known residence from the SSDI as the place of death? A: I don’t know.


Don’t Cry About the SSDI

Last spring we did a two part series on the Social Security Death Index and it progenitor, the Death Master File. The posts are here and here. The series was prompted in part by reports of errors in the Death Master file, especially those which reported living persons as deceased. We learned that nearly 90% of the information in the …Continue reading →


Louisiana Death Records at

Among the newly released records at FamilySearch’s Record Search are death records for Louisiana.  This thrilled me, of course, for two reasons.  First, we’ve been doing the brickwall series focused on the Gines family in Louisiana.  Ironically, when the  FamilySearch records were posted, I had just sent off to the Louisiana Secretary of State a request for copies of certified …Continue reading →


Egans Gines (??-1948)

In which we beat the bushes for a collateral relative in hopes of finding our way past a brick wall! One of my big brick walls has been getting past my great-grandfather Richard Gines. [Another challenge I have is getting my voice recognition software to recognize that surname!] To deal with this brick wall I’ve been looking for collateral relatives …Continue reading →


Los Angeles County Record Request Requirements–Just Quirky? Or Unconstitutional?

I was alerted to this issue by a commenter on the Find-A-Grave California Discussion Forum. If you go in person to the main office of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder in Norwalk, California, and ask to view their birth, death, or marriage records, you will be required to sign a form similar to the one below (the example is for …Continue reading →


Geographical Genealogical Geopardy: The Answer is “The Faroe Islands”

The question is: What does “FO” in Rootsweb’s SSDI mean? This issue is raised by Arlene Eakle in a blog post on Monday, March 16.  It seems that an individual’s obituary neglected to name the place of death.  But in Rootsweb’s SSDI, a place is given as “FO”.   The Rootsweb SSDI also indicates that the death was “verified,” that is, …Continue reading →


Woo-Hoo! Louisiana Death Records Now Online!

UPDATE: [9/20/08 at 5:08 PM PDT]:  The problem with the order page alluded to below is that my pop-up blocker was on.  The page does not alert you to this issue, but beware: that’s the stopper.] Joe Beine has posted that Louisiana Death Records 1911-1957 are now online! Terrific! I’ve tried the site and it generally works well, but can …Continue reading →


Can’t find a Louisiana Relative or Ancestor? Try Looking in California!

What?! Yes, you heard right. If you’re having difficulty locating a Louisiana relative or ancestor from the 20th century, perhaps you should try looking in California . . . well, at least in some of the California databases on During and after World War II, there was a huge movement of people from the South to California. They were …Continue reading →


Texas Death Collection at FamilySearch Labs

Record Search at FamilySearch Labs has recently added a collection of Texas death records covering 1890-1976. I’ve tried this and it’s quite a good collection in terms of content and useability. Like all the indexed collections at Record Search, name variations are automatically retrieved in search results. I like the fact that there is a “Copy to Clipboard” link on …Continue reading →


Missouri Does It!

Missouri has completed its death certificate project. Images are now available for the years 1910 through 1957. This is a remarkable accomplishment achieved by state employees and volunteers. Additionally, the entire Secretary of State’s site, including the Missouri Archives, has been re-designed. Go to the Missouri Archives site here.

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