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I’ve been a subscriber for awhile now, but hadn’t really spent a lot of time with it until recently. When I first started with it, it seemed to have a lot of fairly obscure documents, such as the city council minutes of South Boston, Virginia. Frankly, what brought me back to explore it again was a series of interesting …Continue reading →


Missouri Death Certificate Project Now Includes 1934

Just 1935 through 1944 remain to be added. Check it out at


The Right Longs

A few days ago, I wondered if I’d been pursuing the wrong set of parents and siblings for my great-grandfather, James William Long. The catalyst for this musing was information on my great-grandfather’s death certificate which I had just received. Now I have concluded that I was following the “wrong Longs.” In a upcoming post, I describe how I reached …Continue reading →


Missouri Just Keeps On Rollin’ Along

The Missouri Death Certificate Project, that is! With no fanfare, Missouri has now posted images for the years 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949. That leaves 1933-1944 without images. Congratulations to the Missouri State Archives, the Friends of the State Archives, and all the volunteers who are working on the project! UPDATE (5/14/07, 10:04 PM PDT): Wow! That was my …Continue reading →


Missouri Death Certificate Project Marches Forward

Images for the year 1932 are now online!


Some Info On Texas Birth and Death Records

I have written occasionally about my mostly positive experience getting Texas birth and death records. I recently came across this article at that adds some important information about researching Texas death records. By the way, Texas (not surprisingly) has an “Heirloom Birth Certificate” available for your favorite Native Texan. It can be ordered through Texas Online. I’m getting one …Continue reading →


Death Certificates: California and Texas

I noted a few days ago that things were bit slow around here in part because the state of Texas had been uncharacteristically slow in providing the death certificates per my latest request. I had requests in with the State of California as well and they were also uncharacteristically slow. But then, as these things are wont to happen, a …Continue reading →

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