Genealogy Law Quiz Answers

The fall semester will be over soon at Pacific McGeorge School of Law, so I thought I’d practice for the grading season with the quiz that appeared here a couple of days ago. BTW, every one who tried it got a passing grade. Here’s the “model answer”: Copyright Infringement The first claim against Delia is Al and Bert’s action for …Continue reading →

Law and Genealogy–A Quiz

One afternoon, Delia, a family historian, decided to rummage around her uncle Al’s attic. She came across a locked trunk that she recognized as having belonged to her grandmother. Delia asked Al if she could see what was in the trunk. Al, knowing of his favorite niece’s obsession with genealogy, said, “Sure. Help yourself to anything in it.” Al, the …Continue reading →

Avoid Defamation

Defamation in genealogical publishing is not a tremendous problem for several reasons. First, the law does not recognize defamation of dead people. This fact is combined with the practice of most genealogists not publish information about living people without permission of those people. The third fact is that things thought defamatory in the past are, for cultural reasons, no longer …Continue reading →

Another Law Lesson: The Basics of Defamation

A few years ago, I thought about writing on the topic of defamation and invasion of privacy as they relate to genealogy, but I ultimately decided that there just wasn’t enough material there to make it worth the time. Then, somewhat more recently, I wrote something that drew a comment that seemed a bit hostile. But with the sensory limitations …Continue reading →

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