DNA & Genealogy

I’ve not joined in any significant way the discussions about DNA because I’m in the “wait-listen-learn” mode on the topic. I’m quite interested in the matter. And I have submitted a sample to the database maintained by the Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation, but no matches as of yet. I mention the DNA issue this morning because there was yet another …Continue reading →

The Carnival of Genealogy, DNA Edition

The 35th Edition of the carnival of Genealogy is hosted by Blaine Bettinger, Ph.D., The Genetic Genealogist. This time, the Carnival focuses on DNA issues. Blaine brings his extensive learning and experience to answering or commenting on DNA issues raised in the various posts. This is an outstanding edition of the Carnival and a good chance to learn a bit …Continue reading →

Can DNA Solve "The Lumbee Problem"?

How does a group of people who have American Indian ancestry but no records of treaties, reservations, Native language, or peculiarly “Indian” customs come to be accepted–socially and legally–as Indians? That question is asked on the jacket of the 2001 printing of The Lumbee Problem–The Making of an American Indian People by anthropologist Karen I. Blu (University of Nebraska Press, …Continue reading →

Family History Out in the Cold–Again

It’s been almost two years since we reported on the discovery of the body of an airman in California’s Sierra Nevada. The airman was later identified as 22 year-old aviation cadet Leo Mustonen of Brainerd, Minnesota. He and three other airmen were on a training mission from Mather Field near Sacramento on November 18, 1942, when their aircraft disappeared. The …Continue reading →

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