Good Schools A Staple of Ancestors’ Lives

This was produced for the 17th edition of “Smile for the Camera” I really don’t have much in the way of  photographs on my ancestors’ school days.   I have in the past posted school census records from the very early twentieth century in Milam County, Texas, where my gg-grandmother and her descendants lived.  But I know virtually nothing about my …Continue reading →


Cyber-Stampede: Genealogywise.com Makes Spectacular Debut

It looked a bit like the land rush when Oklahoma was opened to settlers as new social network Genealogywise.com made its appearance earlier today.  The FamilyLink property had a “soft” opening–no flashy press conferences or celebratory speeches marked the launch.   A simple unembargoed notice to several influential bloggers seemed to be all that was necessary to set the ‘Net on …Continue reading →


Footnote.com Teams with Facebook to “Remember”

The following press release was received today from Footnote.com.  For more info, contact Footnote.com. Footnote.com Contact: Justin Schroepfer Marketing Director (801) 494-6517 Justin@footnote.com Footnote.com LAUNCHES APPLICATION ON Facebook® Platform To Help Friends remember friends I REMEMBER Uses The Fourth-Most Trafficked Website in the United States To Bring Memories Together Like Never Before May 5, 2009 – Lindon, Utah – Footnote.com …Continue reading →


What Facebook Did–The Right and Wrong

The Facebook TOS controversy moved so quickly that I had very little opportunity to take it all in before it was seemingly over. Here’s what happened:  back on February 4, 2009, Facebook made several changes to its Terms of Service.  I do not recall having heard of the changes before they went into effect.  I certainly received no notice from …Continue reading →


Keeping Up: Facebook

I’ve had a bit of difficulty keeping up lately. One cause among many: Facebook! (see Tim Agazio’s remarks here. I concur with a lot of what you say, Tim!) I do enjoy the networking among folks with similar interests, but it can get out of hand I actually did find people that I actually know on Facebook. That fact and …Continue reading →


Back From . . . .

Well, I return and find . . . . my mailbox is full of Facebook “Friend” requests! That’s kinda nice! Thanks, y’all! And I also found in the snail mail two boxes of photos from a relative in the Midwest–six more are coming! I can’t wait. There’s a lot to tell this weekend on GeneaBlogie . . . so stay …Continue reading →

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