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San Francisco Mortuary Records to be Indexed

I’ve written a lot about FamilySearch Indexing. And another reason I’ve felt a little behind with GeneaBlogie as well as reading the blogs I usually read is that I’ve done a lot of indexing! But I was particularly excited by the announcement the other day that San Francisco’s mortuary records will be indexed in a venture involving the California Genealogical …Continue reading →

A Surprise Using FamilySearch’s Record Search

I have been enamored of FamilySearch Labs’ Record Search since it first came online. I like the interface and the presentation of information. I just wish there were more records available. To help toward that goal, I’ve spent a fair amount of time on transcribing records on FamilySearch Indexing. Recently, I was running names through the Texas Death Certificate database. …Continue reading →

The Joys of Indexing

FamilySearch Indexing’s homepage(click to enlarge) It’s been more than a year since I first wrote about FamilySearch Indexing. That’s the volunteer project that’s’ indexing millions of new records that will be offered free on the new FamilySearch. Some of those records you can access now at FamilySearch Labs’ Record Search (which to my mind is almost the greatest thing since …Continue reading →

You Say Regetha, I Say Rozetta

Over the last few days, I’ve been examining the family of my great-grandfather James William Long (1866-1945). When I first described his parents and siblings from the 1870 census of Shawnee, Kansas, I identified his then-two year old sister as “Regetha.” I was reading the names from an image provided by a certain large Utah-based company. I then accessed the …Continue reading →

The Earth Shifts on Its Axis; New Planets Discovered

These things didn’t happen in the physical world, but they seem to have happened in the genealogical universe over the past few days. These things have all been reported elsewhere, but let me summarize: The Earth Shifts on Its Axis FamilySearch announced its “Records Access Program”: to increase public access to massive genealogy collections worldwide. For the first time ever, …Continue reading →

FamilySearch Indexing

When I attended the family history seminar here the weekend before last, I heard several people talking about having signed up to do indexing for As has been widely reported, is being expanded to include a treasure trove of genealogical information to be available free of charge. This requires a huge effort to index all the sources. I …Continue reading →

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