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BREAKING NEWS: Entire Census Going on

At this hour, is releasing details of its venture with the National Archives to digitize and make a searchable database of the entire set of available U.S. census population schedules from 1780 to 1930. presently has the complete 1860 census and about 97% of the 1930 census available on its site.  In a press release from its Lindon, …Continue reading →


We’re on The Genealogy Guys Podcast!

Two of the leading members of the genealogy community and genealogy media, Drew Smith and George G. Morgan, are “The Genealogy Guys.”  They have a podcast which this week features Janet Horvorka, the “Chart Chick,”  and moi. These guys do great work and they turn up just about everywhere genealogical news is to be found. Our interview was done at …Continue reading →


MyHeritage Adds Maps in Family Tree Builder 4.0 announced Thursday in London and Tel Aviv the release of Family Tree Builder 4.0.  The key improvements of the new version include a map module, a family toolbar with Family Chat™ and extensive support for albums to organize a family’s photos, videos and documents, the company said in a press release. Gilad Japhet, CEO and Founder of, was …Continue reading →


FamilyLink Mis-Cues Mar GW Debut; “H*ll” Breaks Loose at Site

I had written some fairly positive things about FamilyLink’s new social network, GenealogyWise, whose official debut is supposed to be today.  The company had a “soft” opening a week ago and within two days had garnered thousands of members with hundreds of specialty groups and discussions.  Many highly influential names in the genealogy world joined up. It seemed as if …Continue reading →


Cyber-Stampede: Makes Spectacular Debut

It looked a bit like the land rush when Oklahoma was opened to settlers as new social network made its appearance earlier today.  The FamilyLink property had a “soft” opening–no flashy press conferences or celebratory speeches marked the launch.   A simple unembargoed notice to several influential bloggers seemed to be all that was necessary to set the ‘Net on …Continue reading →


Interviews with TGN CEO

Earlier this week, Kimberly Powell snagged an important interview with Tim Sullivan, CEO of The Generations Network, parent company of The interview came on the heels of the acquisition of TGN by a private equity firm. But yesterday, Chris Dunham got the real scoop. See his ground-breaking interview here.

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