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My DNA Adventure, Part 1

There’s much to be said about DNA testing in genealogy, but most of it is best said by Blaine Bettinger on his blog, The Genetic Genealogist, which  I highly recommend.  So please visit there soon.  But for now, I’d like to describe my recent experience with’s DNA offering. I got in on one of Ancestry’s DNA “sales” where the …Continue reading →


Genetic Testing In California

Blaine Bettinger has got an excellent piece on the California genetic testing controversy over at The Genetic Genealogist. I’m glad he’s weighed in on this matter. Last week, I issued a challenge to the industry and the state to come together in a neutral forum to discuss the issues. Next week, I plan to make a formal, concrete proposal to …Continue reading →


Dick Eastman is Highlight Speaker at Jamboree

Dick Eastman was the featured speaker at the SCGS Jamboree’s Saturday Evening Social and Dinner in Burbank last week. Dick described the difference between a “name-gatherer” and a family historian and urged the crowd to be the latter, not the former. In a speech entitled, “Putting the Genes in Genealogy,” Eastman pointed out the great strides made in genetics and …Continue reading →


UPDATE: California’s Crackdown on Consumer Genomics

Some Good News (Maybe) and Prof. Manson Issues Challenges to Regulators and Industry Diane at Genealogy Insider reports: Lea Brooks of the California Department of Public Health told me that “Genetic testing used for ancestor tracking or forensic purposes is not covered by California clinical laboratory law standards.” That is in fact consistent with my initial reading of the regulations. …Continue reading →


California Crackdown on Genetic Genealogy?

This story has been reported elsewhere in the geneablogosphere, notably by Lee Drew (where I first saw it) and by Dick Eastman. But it is of continuing interest. Apparently, the California Department of Public health has decided to call a halt to the marketing of genetic tests directly to consumers. Companies such as Navigenics, Family Tree DNA, 23andMe, and deCODEme, …Continue reading →


Sorenson Foundation and GeneTree With New Offer

Like many other folks, I received the following e-mail on Friday: Get Your Personal DNA Results Dear SMGF participant, Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation (SMGF) is excited to announce that your personalized DNA results are now available from the Sorenson mtDNA database, through a special offer made by GeneTree, a family networking website. Eligible participants may obtain their mtDNA-HVI, II, III …Continue reading →


Can DNA Solve "The Lumbee Problem"?

How does a group of people who have American Indian ancestry but no records of treaties, reservations, Native language, or peculiarly “Indian” customs come to be accepted–socially and legally–as Indians? That question is asked on the jacket of the 2001 printing of The Lumbee Problem–The Making of an American Indian People by anthropologist Karen I. Blu (University of Nebraska Press, …Continue reading →

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