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The Discussion about Standards, Certification, Maturity, etc.: Useful or Divisive? Elitist Envy or Intellectual Inevitability?

Part I of Several Parts When  I say in in my profile on this page, that I “literally have a checkered past,”  that refers to both my ancestral background (as it would to most people) and to the fact that for complicated reasons, I have been in several different professions in my working lifetime.  I have been, among other things, …Continue reading →

Los Angeles County Record Request Requirements–Just Quirky? Or Unconstitutional?

I was alerted to this issue by a commenter on the Find-A-Grave California Discussion Forum. If you go in person to the main office of the Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder in Norwalk, California, and ask to view their birth, death, or marriage records, you will be required to sign a form similar to the one below (the example is for …Continue reading →

Should Newspaper Be Publishing “Love Letters”?

We’ve been discussing the publication of a number of “love letters” from a World War II sailor to his wife back home in San Francisco.  The letters from Claude Everett Dawson to his wife Nadine Henry Dawson were discovered in a trash bin in Grass Valley, Nevada County, California, a Sierra foothills community.   The local newspaper, The Union, has published …Continue reading →

A Most Unique Law Lesson

For this lesson, you have to visit my friend the footnoteMaven. Enjoy!

Coming Next Week: Another Law Lesson

Can you be held liable for defamation for something you write in a family history? Could you be sued for invasion of privacy for your genealogical endeavors? Next week, Geneablogie presents another law lesson: Defamation and Privacy Issues in Genealogy.

Keeping Up With Copyright

After what I call “the late controversy,” I’m gradually getting back to genealogy. But given the reaction to the recent series, I’ve decided that every now and then, GeneaBlogie will feature copyright and other legal matters that I hope will benefit the community. I ‘m thinking we’ll even have some interviews with leading experts in the field. The idea is …Continue reading →

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