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This week we resolved the question of whether I’d been researching “wrong Longs” as the parents of my great-grandfather, James William Long. I said that in an upcoming post we’d show how we did that. Out here in the hinterlands, the NGS NewsMagazine arrived a couple of days ago. As usual, it’s got a number of excellent articles. One that …Continue reading →


The Right Longs

A few days ago, I wondered if I’d been pursuing the wrong set of parents and siblings for my great-grandfather, James William Long. The catalyst for this musing was information on my great-grandfather’s death certificate which I had just received. Now I have concluded that I was following the “wrong Longs.” In a upcoming post, I describe how I reached …Continue reading →


The Wrong Longs?

The discovery of my great-grandfather’s death certificate has raised a number of issues, the first of which is that I may have been researching the wrong family as my great-grandfather’s parents and siblings. How could that happen? Easy. Just watch this. My great-grandfather’s name was James William Long. I assumed for my initial research purposes that he was born in …Continue reading →


Mental Illness

See the UPDATE to Missouri Just Keeps On Rollin’ Along. This elegant building is the State Mental Hospital at Fulton, Missouri. Opened in 1851, it was the first public mental institution west of the Mississippi. According to State Biennial Reports, several probable causes of mental illness were determined in the first cases admitted. Among the more unusual causes were indigestion, …Continue reading →


Missouri Just Keeps On Rollin’ Along

The Missouri Death Certificate Project, that is! With no fanfare, Missouri has now posted images for the years 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, and 1949. That leaves 1933-1944 without images. Congratulations to the Missouri State Archives, the Friends of the State Archives, and all the volunteers who are working on the project! UPDATE (5/14/07, 10:04 PM PDT): Wow! That was my …Continue reading →


Kansas: Rise Above the Noise and Confusion . . .

Back in cyber-Kansas today, I run into a couple of intriguing issues. To understand them, we need to go back a little bit. Harriet Mitchell Sometime ago, we were looking for the parents of Ezekiel Johnson. And we found a death certificate which listed his parents as Dan Carpenter and Harriet Mitchell. We subsequently discovered that Dan Carpenter was a …Continue reading →

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