George Guynes [Gines] Freedman’s Bank Record

George Gines appeared on the 1870 census of Caddo Parish, Louisiana as “George Guion.”  In April, 1872, however, the Freedman’s Bank lists him as “George Guynes.”  The bank record also lists “Ed” and “Henry”  apparently as separate persons.  The absence of Ed on the census, combined with known family naming patterns, had led me to surmise that they were the …Continue reading →


You’ve Broken Down a Brick Wall–Now What?

Hint: You’re Not Going to Disneyland! Next in a multi-part series As with a physical barrier, breaking through a genealogical “brick wall” may expose an entirely new landscape.  The new landscape must be explored, analyzed, and documented.  In other words, once the barrier is breached, the real work begins.  If one realizes this fact early, the new territory can be …Continue reading →


Breaking Down A Brick Wall–The Problem with Surnames, Part II

Fifth in a multi-part series I  had hypothesized that my Gines people were associated with English-speaking people named Gines who came from the West Midlands area.  They came to Virginia and North Carolina and from there moved on to South Carolina and other states of the Deep South, eventually winding up in Louisiana and Texas.   That hypothesis was based on …Continue reading →


“So What Makes You So Sure You’ve Knocked Down a Brick Wall?”

Remember the The Wrong Longs? Third in a multi-part series One of my other great-grandfathers on my mother’s side was named James William Long.  As with Richard William Gines, I set out to find the parents of James Long.  That search seemed like a stroll in the park compared to this one!  I quickly found a James Long in Kansas …Continue reading →


The Process of Breaking Down a Brick Wall

Second in a multi-part series Here’s a synopsis of how I achieved my #1 research goal: finding the parents of my great-grandfather, Richard Gines of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Bear in mind that eahcof these steps took months or even years to complete and some ran concurrently. Step 1:  The  Neophyte Phase.  I was new to genealogical research and had fairly easily …Continue reading →


Breaking Down the Wall-Prologue

First in a multi-part series I started my serious research in December of 2003.  From the beginning, my leading goal was to discover the paternity of Richard Gines of Shreveport,Louisiana, my great-grandfather.  I knew very little about him; until I was an adult, I had never heard his name. And then, over the years, my mother gradually began telling me …Continue reading →


Breaking News: Man Smashes Through Brick Wall in Louisiana!

I have done it!  I’ve made my greatest genealogical discovery ever!  For five years, my top research priority has been to discover the parentage of my great-grandfather, Richard Gines of Shreveport, Louisiana.  Following an intensified search this spring and summer, I can now say with the appropriate degree of confidence utilizing the Genealogical Proof Standard, that I have solved this …Continue reading →


I Try to Kiss & Make Up with Caddo’s Clerk

Awhile ago, in a fit of technologically self-righteous pique, I vented my spleen over the process to access Caddo Parish, Louisiana, records online.  Perhaps I was too harsh. Less than a week ago, I sent to Caddo Parish by snail mail a request for some certified copies of certain records.  Today, I have the records in my hands and have …Continue reading →


Louisiana Death Records at FamilySearch.org

Among the newly released records at FamilySearch’s Record Search are death records for Louisiana.  This thrilled me, of course, for two reasons.  First, we’ve been doing the brickwall series focused on the Gines family in Louisiana.  Ironically, when the  FamilySearch records were posted, I had just sent off to the Louisiana Secretary of State a request for copies of certified …Continue reading →


The Brick Wall–Did We Really Knock It Down?

A week ago or so, I was making noise about hammering down a major brick wall in my research. I was getting ready to do the Genealogical Happy Dance. I have made a major advance in my research into the Gines family as a result of the research I’ve been describing here over the last several weeks. I’m thrilled about …Continue reading →

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