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Essential Reference for Military Records

I came across this book on Google Books: A Dictionary of all Officers, who have been Commissioned, or have been Appointed and Served, in the Army of the United States, Since the Inauguration of their first President in 1789, to the first of January, 1853,–With Every Commission of Each;–Including the Distinguished Officers of the Volunteers and Militia of the States, …Continue reading →


Womens History Month: Womens Airforce Service Pilots

Adapted and updated from “Memorial Day 2009″ which first appeared simultaneously at GeneaBlogie and The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit on May 25, 2009. If you haven’t been to Arlington, Virginia in the last several years, you may not recognize the two memorials shown above.  The top one is the “Women in Military Service for America” memorial and it stands near the …Continue reading →


Comments Re: Leslie H. Sabo, American Hero

There are many pleasures and some pains in writing GeneaBlogie, but I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite as poignant as some of the comments I got about our piece on Sgt Leslie H. Sabo. I decided to give them upfront exposure and you’ll understand why. Moultrie Creek said… Craig, thank you for spotlighting these stories. These men are great …Continue reading →


UPDATE: Date Set for Woodrow Keeble Medal of Honor Ceremony

A few weeks ago, I wrote about Master Sergeant Woodrow Wilson Keeble, who deserved the Medal of Honor for his actions in the Korean War. He didn’t get it then, but Congress last month passed a law that authorized the Medal for him now. Yesterday, I got this comment from “atrulling:” On March 3,2008 Woody will finally receive his Medal …Continue reading →


Revealing Heroes

Like most people, I spent some time at the end of last week perusing recently passed congressional legislation. (What? You don’t?!) Anyway, one piece of legislation that came to my attention last week was HR 1585, the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2008. (For those of you who really are paying attention, HR 1583 was vetoed by the …Continue reading →

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