Back From . . . .

Well, I return and find . . . . my mailbox is full of Facebook “Friend” requests! That’s kinda nice! Thanks, y’all! And I also found in the snail mail two boxes of photos from a relative in the Midwest–six more are coming! I can’t wait. There’s a lot to tell this weekend on GeneaBlogie . . . so stay …Continue reading →


Genealogist, Heal Thyself

Family historians and genealogists spend their time looking for folks who have long since passed away. Often, the lack of records or knowledge about where to find them creates frustration (or excitement for those who love the thrill of the chase!). But have we each asked ourselves whether future generations will be able to find us? More importantly, have we …Continue reading →


Rotating Profile Pics

Last month’s profile photo from 1972.This month’s profile photo from 1977.


Old Photo Solves Mystery Drowning After 15 Years

A treasured old photograph, a police investigator’s long-shot appeal to the public and a retiree’s sharp memory have combined to solve a 15-year-old drowning mystery. State police in Somers, N.Y., tried for years to identify a body found in the Titicus Reservoir on June 13, 1993, carrying 38 pounds of rocks in a backpack. The man left no clues to …Continue reading →


Family Linguistics

From the Sacramento Bee this morning (February 8, 2008): If you’re looking for distinctive lingo with a heart, tune into the conversations that take place around the house. That’s where families come up with colorful words and terms as individual as Suzy’s untamable cowlicks and Joe’s double-jointed thumbs.. . .Ask people about the special words or expressions their family uses, …Continue reading →


Ancient Recordings Now Available In Digital Form

Thanks to Sally Jacobs for pointing this out [actually late last year]: The Donald C. Davidson Library at the University of California, Santa Barbara, has a “Cylinder Preservation and Digitization Project” going in its Department of Special Collections. Here’s what the librarians say about this fascinating project: Cylinder recordings, the first commercially produced sound recordings, are a snapshot of musical …Continue reading →


A Missed Bus

He had gotten out the wicker-straw suitcase and had it open on the bed. In it, he had already placed the Brownie camera his grandmother had given him as a birthday present some time ago. Now he was looking through the closet for the most important stuff. The invitation said he needed a soldier’s uniform this time. And he had …Continue reading →


Bank Uses Genealogy to "Shake Money from Family Trees"

These days, you can find genealogy articles just about anywhere. A friend sent me a recent article from the Wall Street Journal which describes how Wells Fargo & Co. uses genealogy to court wealthy potential clients for its “private banking” business. Private banking is wealth management services for clients with at least $1 million in balances at Wells Fargo. The …Continue reading →

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