Natural Disasters

Linn County, Iowa, Courthouse Closed Indefinitely

The Iowa state Judiciary announced today that the Linn County Courthouse in Cedar Rapids will be closed indefinitely. The courthouse, along with city hall, is located on Mays Island in the Cedar River. Reports say that these buildings as well as the federal courthouse were severely damaged in the recent flooding. Emergency procedures are now in effect for the Linn …Continue reading →

National Czech and Slovak Museum & Library

As the days go by, we’ll learn of a number of historical, cultural, and genealogical resources which have sustained losses or damage due to the Midwest floods. One such resource is the National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library located in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. There is no telephone service to the facility as of now. Here’s what it looked like …Continue reading →

Iowa Floods Exact High Toll

Yesterday, we ran a piece about how the Iowa floods had shut down, a site that many family historians visit frequently. Today, Jeffrey Kiley, general manager, left a comment on that post. It’s so compelling that I thought it should be up front. Here it is: Thank you very much for your concern. We are slowly bringing our systems …Continue reading →

Flooding Shuts Down

I received the following message early Sunday morning, June 15, 2008 (Central Time): Dear Valued Member, The situation in Cedar Rapids has reached levels never before thought possible. The flood waters surged past the 500-year flood line yesterday and continued to rise to catastrophic levels. A large portion of the downtown area is underwater and will continue to be so …Continue reading →

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