Tomb Sweeping Day

Over at The Peripatetic Graveyard Rabbit, we’re marking one of China’s biggest national holidays: Tomb Sweeping  Day. And just to show that globalization is real, they’re also celebrating in Weathersfield Township, Ohio.


FamilySearch Adds Midwestern Records

FamilySearch Record Search has added marriage records for Cook County, Illinois. The collection is currently what FamilySearch calls an “early access collection,” meaning that the collection is accessible though not yet entirely complete. What’s there now are records from 1900-1920. The entire collection ulitmately will go back to 1871. [H/T to Tom Kemp at the GenealogyBank blog]. And while we’re …Continue reading →


The Family Cars, 1955-1969: Part I–The Ford

In 1955, my father bought his first car: a 1953 Ford sedan. And, of course, there’s a story to that. I’ve mentioned before that in the mid-1950’s, we lived at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri, where my dad had his first assignment in the Army. He decided that he needed a car. A friend suggested that he should go to St …Continue reading →


Comments Re: Leslie H. Sabo, American Hero

There are many pleasures and some pains in writing GeneaBlogie, but I don’t think I’ve experienced anything quite as poignant as some of the comments I got about our piece on Sgt Leslie H. Sabo. I decided to give them upfront exposure and you’ll understand why. Moultrie Creek said… Craig, thank you for spotlighting these stories. These men are great …Continue reading →


Two Heroes: Wilson and Shadrach of Andrews’ Raiders

Note: This is the last in a series of four posts about heroic soldiers who were denied or overlooked for the Medal of Honor at the time of their extraordinary acts. Less than ten days ago, Congress authorized the award of the Medal to five of these men. One of the most daring events of the Civil War took place …Continue reading →


Walter Scott of Spokane, Washington: A Brief Study

So last Wednesday, I had a long to-do list and I was making good progress. I took a break, went to my reading list and came across this great post by Miriam Midkiff. She’d spent Sunday of Memorial Day weekend visiting and photographing veterans’ gravesites in the Spokane area. An excellent project! She posted a number of photos at Find-A-Grave. …Continue reading →

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