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Confidential Marriage in the United States

Even If There Is No Record, There Still Might Be A Marriage Another issue for genealogists to consider is that of “confidential marriage.”  In California, a couple who have lived together may obtain a so-called “confidential” marriage.  They need only apply at the county clerk’s office or before a notary specially trained in confidential marriage procedures and claim that they …Continue reading →

The Rest of Paul Harvey’s Story–Conclusion

Paul Harvey Aurandt eventually overcame the  murder of his father, a Tulsa police officer, when Paul was just a toddler.  That murder spun off a series of bizarre incidents in the State of Oklahoma: A lynch mob demanded that the Tulsa County sheriff prove that the accused were not in the jail.  They dispersed after their hand-picked “inspection committee,”  which …Continue reading →

The Rest of Paul Harvey’s Story–Part 1

Even as he represented a kind of normalcy and stability, broadcasting legend Paul Harvey’s personal story was unusual.  Murder, the Ku Klux Klan, perhaps a secret marriage, a grand jury probing the possible theft of  atomic secrets–all of these things are part of the rest of Paul Harvey’s story. Paul Harvey Aurandt was born on September 4, 1918, in Tulsa, …Continue reading →

An Irreplaceable National Icon is Gone: Paul Harvey Aurandt, 1918-2009

In the dreary days of fall and winter in 1960s Albuquerque, I would hurry home from school at lunchtime and enter the warm house for a comforting sensory experience.  The kitchen would smell of tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches. Dad would be sitting at the end of the table, he being home for work from lunch.  The radio would …Continue reading →

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