Whirlwind . . . Week

This post was originally commenced last Tuesday evening and was entitled Whilrwind Wednesday, and intended for publication on Wednesday, June 16.  But it turned out to be a much more hectic week than I ever could have imagined and I couldn’t get back to this until just now! And by now, everybody with a computer has written about the SoCal …Continue reading →


Shades Web Magazine Debuts Today

For sometime now, footnoteMaven has been tantalizing her readers at Shades of the Departed with intrigue of “something” about to happen.  This morning, it happened.   Shades of the Departed magazine took its bow on the blogsphere stage.   It is a magnificent achievement and display all of fM’s creativity and tenacity.  It’s her greatest gift to the community ever. I’m pleased …Continue reading →


A Shades Weekend

If you missed the weekend columns over at Shades of the Departed, you missed some great stuff! On Saturday, Donna Pointkouski struggled with the issue of not finding any photographs of her great-grandparents and flirted with some ideas about how she might get some–all, of course in Donna’s trademark style, helping us see The Humor of It. My column on …Continue reading →


Coming This Sunday: Appealing Subjects

This Sunday at Shades of the Departed, a new weekend column called Appealing Subjects debuts.  And it’s written by me! I’m honored to be one of the four Weekend with Shades columnists.  The others are Terry Thornton, George Geder, and Jasia. In Appealing Subjects, we’ll explore the strange and wonderful relationship between photography and law. We’ll consider issues such as …Continue reading →


Crowning Glory Indeed!

Eighth Grade Graduating Class, St Rita’s Academy, 1934, St Louis, Missouri Front Row left: Edna Mary Micheau Submitted for Smile for the Camera, 5th Edition, at Shades of the Departed Photography by Ladd’s Studio, 5972 Easton Avenue, St Louis, Missouri Original Privately Held by Craig Manson, Carmichael, California


Carnival Carousel: Harvesting & Sharing the Bounty

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, I’ve been blessed with a bounteous trove of genealogical riches, nearly more than one person can handle. We’ve been slowly and carefully going through boxes of documents and photographs (and at the rate we’re going, we’re likely to spend the next 15 years at this! For this Carnival, I thought I would give you …Continue reading →


Old Photo Solves Mystery Drowning After 15 Years

A treasured old photograph, a police investigator’s long-shot appeal to the public and a retiree’s sharp memory have combined to solve a 15-year-old drowning mystery. State police in Somers, N.Y., tried for years to identify a body found in the Titicus Reservoir on June 13, 1993, carrying 38 pounds of rocks in a backpack. The man left no clues to …Continue reading →


Access to Rare Photos Wanted: 18th, 62nd & 65th U.S. Colored Troops

Among the stories I’m seeking to tell is that of Zeke Johnson (1847-1933), my great-great-grandfather. Grandpa Zeke “left” his master, one Wilhite, in Clay County, Missouri, in 1864 and enlisted in the 18th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry. He served until 1866. I’m looking for access of any sort (loan, copy, purchase, or view) of the 18th Regiment. I don’t know …Continue reading →


A Kansas City Follies Girl, c. 1920

Annie Florida Corrine Long She later was known as Florida C. Gines, my grandmother. Coming Up: Research Trips–The “Don’t-Overs”


History Detectives on PBS

If you’ve not seen History Detectives on PBS, you’ve been depriving yourself of a real treat. For five seasons now, the show has explored historical mysteries, explaing, confirming, discovering and debunking. About 75% of the matters investigated are things submitted by viewers. This Monday, July 9, 2007, the show tracks down the identity of a man in a photograph of …Continue reading →

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