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MyHeritage Replies

Soon after Tuesday’s post about MyHeritage, the company responded.  I got  a lengthy comment from Alon, portions of which I’m bringing up here. COMMENTER (Alon of . . . IMHO, the fact that you received a positive Smart Match and got in touch with a relative after entering just 3 people in your tree, shows the power and coverage …Continue reading →


MyHeritage Raises MyHackles, But We Make Up

I was quite excited a few mornings ago when I opened my email and found a message from that said, “Craig, You’ve Got SmartMatches!” I had signed up for MyHeritage in June to see what it was all about.  I had posted an abbreviated family tree consisting of myself and my parents.  Then as the summer went on, I …Continue reading →


One (Not So) Great Family

One (Not so) Great Family Back in August or September, I promised to do a series on social networking sites. Then I went to the hospital and things got backed up. I haven’t done the whole series, but I done a couple of brief reviews of several sites.  First up is “One Great Family.” Soon after I first started my …Continue reading →


Product Review:

I’ve been a subscriber for awhile now, but hadn’t really spent a lot of time with it until recently. When I first started with it, it seemed to have a lot of fairly obscure documents, such as the city council minutes of South Boston, Virginia. Frankly, what brought me back to explore it again was a series of interesting …Continue reading →


Product Review: Find-A-Grave

The geneablogosphere has been buzzing lately with news of exciting partnerships, new databases, and innovative technologies–all of which I’m very enthused about. This morning, however, I was reminded that some of the existing, older research products out there remain highly valuable and worth revisiting from time to time. I had not visited Find-A-Grave in quite awhile, but I ended up …Continue reading →


Product Review: World Vital Records Reconsidered

Sometime ago, I came across World Vital Records, a new site started by Internet guru and rich guy Paul Allen. He ‘s the fellow was behind the initial launch of which has now become The Generations Network and includes, Rootsweb, and World Vital Records, in Allen’s words, was striving to become the “number two” company in the …Continue reading →


Dear Professional Genealogist . . .

I sought to engage you because your website indicated that you had the expertise to handle a problem that is of utmost interest to me and my family, but may be too complex for me to work through in any reasonable manner. Your website caught my attention because (1) you live in the state where the research must be done; …Continue reading →


Product Review: is a new offering from Newsbank Inc., a company known to many researchers and archivists. This site is an amalgamation of several products. It offers historical newspapers, historical documents, historical books, obituaries, and a version of the Social Security death index. It’s just recently gone live and I decided to check it out. Some of the content on GenealogyBank …Continue reading →

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