Interviewing Family Members in the Field

How many times have you heard somebody [or even yourself] say, “I wish I had asked [insert name of now-deceased family member here] about this!” That’s the family historian’s lament. It’s also sometimes the motivation to seek out far-flung family members to get their stories. “Getting their stories” is the essential nature of what needs to be done. On the …Continue reading →


We’re in Kansas City!

We made the trip from St Louis to Kansas City in record time this afternoon with the GeneaBlogie staff photographer (aka Photo Grrl) at the wheel of a 2007 Pontiac Firebird Grand Am. Photo Grrl went to college in Leavenworth, Kansas, several decades ago and is well-familiar with all the speed enforcement agencies between KC and St Louis. On this …Continue reading →


The Reserach Trip Gets Much, Much Better

[Posted from the St Louis Public Library, St Louis, Missouri] Life on our big research trip has gotten much, muuch better! On Friday, I explored the well-maintained genealogical collection of the St Louis Public Library at the central branch downtown, as well as the archives of the St Louis Post-Dispatch and the now-defunct St Louis Globe-Democrat. The complete archives of …Continue reading →


Research Resource: Uncommon Resources

Randy Seaver has posted about a talk by Ann J. Miller concerning lesser-used research resources. I’ve not heard that talk, but I have had some experience with some of these resources. Here I explain where and how to find some of them. Not all are online and some are not available in microform, either. So finding some of these records …Continue reading →


Walter Scott of Spokane, Washington: The Rest of the Story

Miriam took up where I left off on the brief study of Walter Scott. She’s done a marvelous job. See it here. It was fun to “collaborate” with her on this. It goes to show what can be done when folks combine their efforts.


The Earth Shifts on Its Axis; New Planets Discovered

These things didn’t happen in the physical world, but they seem to have happened in the genealogical universe over the past few days. These things have all been reported elsewhere, but let me summarize: The Earth Shifts on Its Axis FamilySearch announced its “Records Access Program”: to increase public access to massive genealogy collections worldwide. For the first time ever, …Continue reading →


The Wrong Longs?

The discovery of my great-grandfather’s death certificate has raised a number of issues, the first of which is that I may have been researching the wrong family as my great-grandfather’s parents and siblings. How could that happen? Easy. Just watch this. My great-grandfather’s name was James William Long. I assumed for my initial research purposes that he was born in …Continue reading →

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